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to coke or not to coke?

I've had no problems with it, but I'm not sure of the sugar content in it. Some days, if i'm at my mums house I have about 2 cans and I've been ok.

But don't give up the water, it is better for you :)
Yeah. Any diet or zero version is fine for the tablets. Don't know about calories though if your counting them too. X
thanks you guys i will stick to water and coke as a treat one thinks lol x
Coke zero and diet coke don't have any calories so from that perspective they are fine, no fat in any coke.
cool cool, i just need something with taste.
had shed loads of water today and green tea but had a banging head this afternoon so gonna treat myself to a can with dinner x


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
I found that it was giving me bad headaches, but I just couldn't do without it - I think that's called "an addiction"!! :eek: I limit myself to one bottle over the weekend and during the weekend keep myself topped up with black tea, water and cordial juice - I survive, but its just not diet coke!!
i knkow im only drinking it while its on offer dont know what im gonna do when it ends lol. but like i said im not a massive drikning of it anywayx x x
i drink far to much coke, its only diet or zero but i find if im drinking im not eating which is a good thing but i am addicted to it!
ok so its xmas season soon and the christmas party is apon us, i know wine is a big no no but someone told me to stick to clear fulids ie vodka or gin ect? its this true? x x x
Wine is fat free too. Its the calories in wine thats the problem. I can have wine and not have any effects of the scales.
Only real booze that you need to keep clear of is cream based ones like Baileys at the like. All other booze is fat free, but just keep check on cals. They wont effect you on the loo when taking the tabs, but you can still slow the weight loss down if you have far too many calories.

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