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To everyone just beginning and struggling as there seems to be alot of posts about!!


I will be skinny again!!!
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Firstly to every one just starting...

The first few days will be hell for most of you but hang in there and once you hit ketosis you feel absoultey amazing!!!

Check out the refeeders and maintainers section for a bit of inspiration.. the girls and guys there have made it through their journeys and its fantastic to see their pictures and the happiness and confidence that shows through in their posts... it really helps you want to get that same feeling and is such a spur on!

Secondly to all the strugglers!

You know how good the weigh ins are and you know the results that can happen!!

Just remember.. you are in ketosis and the feelings you are experience are you heads playing tricks on you.. you cant be hungry.. its that same old greedy person that got us here in the first place trying to come back... I know because im battling with mine daily too!!!

Something that has helped me, is what some one said on here (can't remember who it was) but their thought was.. when they wanted to eat something.. Thought about how it was gonna taste and told themself... I KNOW what that is going to taste like.. it isnt going to be any different... so I can wait to have it again...

And this bit isnt meant to cause any offence at all guys!!

But I can see a few people have picked or cheated and have still had brilliant losses (and I am sooo glad for you guys) but just remember.. that picking is a very slippery slope and its hard to stop once you start and think that you have gotten away with it and will still lose even if you do pick!
Its all about total absintence from food.. to try and retrain our brains into knowing we dont need to eat when we arent hungry and also the old favourite.. to recleanse our pallet so the healthy food we have after the diet will all taste amazing and we hoopefully wont crave the bad foods anymore!!

And here is a wee quote I thought might help us along the way!!

Don't dig your grave with your own knife and fork.
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Fab post Chelly, thankyou huni for sharing your positive thoughts, they are most welcome xx


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yes I agree it is really worth it. I lose three stone last year, over tow on LT and a stone with healthy eating. I came off Lt end of May and have managed to keep it off. Yes I put a few pounds on over christmas but I am back on the bandwagon and will soon be back to my ideal weight. I made a pact that I would be more careful what I eat and drink and it's worked. I also said that I would not allow myself to become more than 7pounds over my ideal weight and so far this has worked. So keep it everyone, trust me it's worth it. When people say to you will put it straight back on, then yes you will if go back to your old eating habits, but if you know and recognise your triggers and look too managing these then you will be fine.
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Amen to that! :D

This should be a defo sticky.
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Here here! Fab post Chelly. Just finished 3rd week and am really happy with how things are going....yes I could eat but I know I can't. Stick with it everyone its so worth it xxxx

xx Cathy xx

Bye Bye Huge Bottom!
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Don't dig your grave with your own knife and fork.
W-O-W :eek: Heavy stuff there!....and its just given me the boost I needed. Have been struggling past few days, not tempted to eat but just impatient at how long each day seems to be taking til I get to my goal.

On one side of my family there is angina and on the other is severe bronchitis. I already have thyroid probs and asthma so I don't want anything else added to the equation!

I think this goes overlooked sometimes, we're all so excited about looking great when we get to goal but we forget about the long term health benefits.

Thanks for that post ChellyWellyBoot its really helped

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