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To weigh? or not to weigh?

S: 10st2lb C: 9st12lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 0st4lb(2.82%)

I'm doing Slimming World from home and because I don't have a set of scales at home I weighed myself in Boots when I started (over a week ago), and then decided I’d skip weighing myself this week because I had my * week.

So far I have stuck to the EE diet and I’m really loving it!! I've also started boot camp at my local gym to help things along :) The thing is I do feel slimmer, and thought if I get on the scales as I haven't lost any weigh.... or have only lost a tiny amount I will probably start to lose faith/motivation... whereas right now I’m 'in the Slimming world love zone'

After a discussion with my boyfriend (who was originally very against the 'diet') he has suggested that I don't weigh myself, but just keep going until I feel happy with my body. For me I think that'll be when I’ll fit back into my nice jeans and clothes that I have put away in the attic. :(

I have been debating this with myself and do kind of like the idea of being free of the 'aiming for a number' on the scales and the disappointment of smaller losses. My boyfriend also thinks that because of the added body magic my body shape might tone up, and i'll be happier at a higher weight than the number I had in mind (9 stone – I’m 5ft2).

Just wondering what other people thought of this approach? and if anyone has tried it?

Vicky xxx
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Does sound like a fair enough idea to me, every body is different after all, and what might be top/bottom of your bmi might look very different on you, to someone else if you know what I mean - especially as you say, you'll be toning up.

I do have one caveat though, as you're not going to group you don't have anyone physically to check you are on the straight and narrow, in terms of your weight going down. Maybe you could do as my friend does and get weighed, taking someone (maybe your man) along to note your loss but not your physical weight? Once a month?

I'm sure whatever you decide, the plan will work, so I wouldn;t worry about the measurement too much -

by the way, what a lovely change this makes from the 'I weighed myself 2 days in and only lost a pound so far' posts.;)

Good luck!



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Hey :)

I agree with the previous poster that unless you weigh yourself once in a while, you'll have no idea if you're actually losing weight (and then you might be doing this forever to no avail!).

Have you taken body measurements (waist, bust, hips, etc)? Perhaps you could do that every now and then to keep you motivated too - only problem is that they'll probably change less than the weight!

SW really does work, and I think weighing results (good or bad) keep us all going... if we've been a bit naughty, it should make us more determined to lose, and if we've been following the plan and are getting good losses, it just encourages us more!

Just my thoughts of course!


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Good luck to you! I couldn't stick to that myself, often I've lost pounds on the scaled but i can't yet see it in my body. I've only just seen a difference 4 weeks in and I've lost 13 pounds! I would have got discouraged and given up if I hadn't known something was changing. But you do what works for you


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Thank god this isn't another "shall I weigh myself between weigh ins thread"!

Personally, I think it's a great idea. If your actual weight is not an issue for you and you're on a mission to get into a certain size clothes rather than a certain weight bracket then it'll work wonders. I fret about the number on the scales when in fact it's not how much I weigh that's my issue. I want to be in a size 10 and being 100 stone wouldn't bother me as long as I'm in the size 10's. However, seeing the numbers go down does help my motivation. If you think you won't lose motivation by not knowing how you're doing then go for it. Remember though that inches take a lot longer to show than a few pounds a week. How about weighing once a month just for a push?
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I'm sure there's someone floating around on minimins who has lost something like 4 or 5 stone and doesn't actually know how much she weighs!
They went to class and told them not to tell her how much she weighs! She knows if she's lost or gained each week but that's it!
To each their own. I know I have to weight in every week or I'll lose track cause I just can't see the changes to my body!
Good luck with your journey whatever you decide! X
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This is what I do - I never weigh myself and I have no idea what the scales would say if I were to step on them. It's actually very liberating if you are happy to do this. There is no emotional rollercoaster each week building up to weigh-in day, no feeling like you have to watch what you eat on the day itself, no feeling of elation or gloom depending on what the scales say.

There are lots of non-scale victories you can use to maintain motivation and know that the plan is working. Definitely take your measurements at the start and repeat this on a monthly basis. You should soon see a change. You will also see changes in dress sizes to confirm that you are actually losing weight.

But set yourself other challenges that are not related to weight:
- around exercising so you can see improvements in fitness and stamina or foods such as having a different evening meal every day for a month or trying a new food every week.
S: 10st2lb C: 9st12lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 0st4lb(2.82%)
Thank you for the advice :grouphugg:

I think I’m going to stick to the not weighing, and just weigh again when I feel happy, to give myself a reference point. If I haven't lost very much but feel much happier with my body then its still a success mission

As for measuring myself, I took a couple of photos of myself in my underwear, side an profile and I know my size 14 work trousers are leaving red marks in my tummy when I sit down ( I will burn the nasty things when I’m done..hehe)

Will be looking out for my Non Scale Victories and hopefully coming on minimins will keep me on the straight and narrow

Glad I’m not the only one who is not not-weighing myself PatchworkPuss have you noticed enough NSV to keep you motivated?? xx

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