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Toby carvery

Hubby and I quite often eat out at a Toby Carvery, 'cos if you're a bit disciplined, you can have a relatively low syn meal in pleasant surroundings fairly cheaply!!!

It's even better at the moment - you can get the ice cream sundae for free if you're seated by 6.30pm Mon- Sat, so the whole 2 course meal is just £5!

You just need to download the voucher from the Toby Carvery website. And you DON'T HAVE to have the sauce or the chocolate flakes with it! Ask for it plain, and take 1/2 sachet of Chocolate Options or similar with you - for just 1 syn you'll feel far less deprived!!!

Offer is on until 31st October - Happy Eating!!!
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But how many syns are the yorkshire puds(cause they are huge) and the ice cream... I love a carvery but since joining SW the only thing I eat out is jacket spud and beans...;)
You are going to get bored, mate!
Large Yorkshire pudding is 3.5 syns- I personally don't have them and just pile the plate high with meat and veg (avaiding roasties, gravy and stuffing unless I want to use the points)

When you eat out non-carvery why not try steak and jacket/salad, gammon and pineapple with new potatoes, veggie chilli and rice is a good one, tomato based pasta is usually low (just watch out for it being served with garlic bread) or a nice chicken caesar salad (with dressing on the side so you can control/syn it yourself)

Be a bit adventurous and you are much more likely to view it as a lifestyle, not just a diet

Brilliant post cocktailprincess, helpful to everyone, especially those new to SW.

Eating out is SO difficult for all of us - you start out with such good intentions, then temptation (or just plain boredom) gets in the way. But eating out is so much part of life today, that it's almost unavoidable. I just feel that the carvery puts LESS temptation in front of us than many other places.

The ice cream sundaes do vary a lot, depending on who makes them, but I reckon that the ice cream alone would be around 10 syns, the flakes 4 syns each, and the sauce around 2 syns = 20 syns (or am I just kidding myself - maybe that's why I'm no longer still at target!!!).

At our local carvery, they will also let you order melon as a dessert rather than a starter, which again helps - ANYTHING that makes you feel less deprived is great in my book.

Hope this helps Tigger2000, and Good Luck with your weight loss journey.


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Many thanks for the advice, i am treating myself and hubby to a Toby on Thursday ( 2years since i quit smoking)......

Will be good........:rolleyes:
Even better news - well sort of! Toby have just started only putting ONE flake in the ice cream sundae, which cuts the syns down by 4!!!

Hope you have a good evening on Thursday Jack D, and many congratulations on 2 years not smoking - well worth celebrating!

Wishing you the Very Best of Luck with your weight loss also.


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^ if the flake is a normal 99er flake, it's only 2.5 syns anyway!
Hi Vixxster - do tell me where you found the 2.5 syns for the flake! I looked up p16 of our Food Optimising books, and a Cone with ice cream is 8 syns, and the next entry is Cone with ice cream and flake, 12 syns...!!! Can't find anything on line either - or is this just something that everybody knows?


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The offer has been extended to the end of November now, so if you go to their website you can print yourself off a voucher
Thanks SO much for posting Kat27! We're just off to Cornwall again for a few days, and only logged on for a quick peep before we leave - we'll certainly stop and print a few before we go!!!

Congratulations to you too for your great weight loss!
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No problem Roz, I'm a sucker for vouchers lately. You must be near me if you're in south london, so if you have a day out shopping at bluewater make sure you log on to la tasca's website before you go as they're doing 50% off at the mo, as are zizzi's. Once you join la tasca's website it automatically joins you to santa fe and a few others too.
S: 18st13lb C: 10st12lb G: 10st13lb BMI: 23.8 Loss: 8st1lb(42.64%)
If you go on a website called 'vouchercodes.co.uk' and click on the 'printable vouchers' tab, you get all the currecnt vouchers for all restaurants/shops- I always check it out before eating anywhere!
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Help on my syns please

Hi Ladies I was wondering if you can help me - I went to Toby Carvey last night and this is what I had - how would you syn it?

beef (removed any fat from all meat)
1 roast potato
2 big parsnips
1/4 ladle vegetable gravy

Then - sundae with butterscotch sauce! Couldn't resist!!!!

I have been extra good all week staying at the 5 mark each day so hope not runied my week! :eek:

I am training for half marathon so been running loads and felt I deserved as went dancing after but I know I should stock up on healthy free and superfree food so my fault if REALLY bad!

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