Opinions on my food diary please!


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Hi all!

I'm very new to this, basically I've managed to drop 5 stone on my own by just eating fruit in the morning, a large amount of pasta(tuna/sweetcorn) at lunch and then fasting for the rest of the day, whilst having 1 cheat day a week where I'd go somewhere like KFC and have a bargain bucket to myself.

I've gone down from 21 stone 5lbs to 16 stone 7lbs in roughly 9 months and I feel and look a lot better but I don't want to stop but because I now feel comfortable in my own skin to an extent (I wear L/XL clothes now instead of 2XL/3XL) but I want to lose a bit more but I'm struggling with the mindset. Before I 100% wanted to lose weight and no matter how bad the cravings got I always pushed through and was very disciplined, now not so much and I find myself maintaining or putting on then having to be extra good to lose it again so it's a scale that looks to tip because I don't feel full and that's all I want to do, feel full and the cravings arent there, because I know that instead of craving chocolate I'd go and eat a massive bar rather than a little one.

My partner suggested going on the slimming world diet where you don't count calories as such but you eat certain foods, I'm sure you all know how it goes, well basically I've incorporated some more foods into my diet and I was wondering if 1) Would this lose me weight? and 2) What syn values am I looking at over my whole day?

From what I've worked out I'm having 7 syns? 2 yoghurts and 5 syns for the quorn nuggets but please correct me if I'm wrong! But yeah sorry for the essay and sorry if it's in the wrong place.

Here's a picture of my food diary, I have the goal thing set at maintain just to see how much I was under by.

The only thing you’re really missing out on from the slimming world program is your HEA and HEB. Your special k bar is counted as your HEB (daily fiber weighed and measured) but I’m not seeing your A, which is where your calcium is needed for that day (milk, cheese etc). That and also the speed foods (fruit and veg that speeds up weight loss). Sweetcorn is a free food (can eat unlimited) but it does nothing to push weight loss. I would forget the calorie counting and fill up those meals with more speedy veg!

Also your daily syn allowance is 5-15 a day! (They recommend to try and get at least 5 in a day as this is good for balancing your diet and making you feel less restricted so you don’t get fed up and give up!)
Thank you for your reply!

I’ll be honest I don’t feel like I need anything more, I’ve gone from not eating much to eating this and it feels very much enough if that makes sense?

I’m a very fussy eater so I don’t like things like cheese and milk, the only fruit I like is apples and bananas. The only vegetables I like is peas, carrots and sweet corn. I’m very much a person who likes what I like and I’d be happy eating the same thing everyday within reason so what I’ve put down is what I’ll have for a whole week or something.

Do I need to eat the extra things you said or am I ok to carry on as I am?

I’m struggling to understand how eating as many carbs (pasta) and stuff that want can end with you still losing weight, it doesn’t make sense haha
The answer behind how eating so much pasta etc and losing weight still, is the pasta is basically a free food (so it’s a filler, to fill you up.) the vegetables you add in (especially speed vegetables) is what really puts it into action. For an example: Pasta is free, and unlimited on slimming world. But if you eat just pasta and nothing else you won’t lose anything (might even gain weight.)

The rule of the plate in SW is 1/3 of your plate is speed food, and the other 2/3 is free (proteins, carbs, other vegetables that aren’t speed). You mentioned carrots! Carrots are a speed food (however sadly the other two you mentioned are just free) so if you could put carrots filling 1/3 of your plate that is where the magic happens!

Some people don’t really follow the HEA and HEB saying they don’t notice a difference if they do or don’t eat them, but other people swear by it being a necessity. So it depends on the person.

On the slimming world website they have thousands of recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinners. You might even find ones that match up to what you like to eat. Couldn’t hurt! ☺️
I’m new to SW so might talking rubbish, but you say you like peas and sweetcorn. if you could swap the peas for sugar snap peas and the sweetcorn for baby corn they would both be classed as speed foods. It’s easier to fill a third of the plate with 2 or even 3 of those than it is 1 of them. A bonus of sugar snap peas and baby corn is they are great for snacking on I find and both can be eaten raw. They are no Pringles or Doritoes mind but they are guilt free at least.