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Toning Exercises- A Rather Unpleasant Concept!

Just wondering if anyone knows any good DVDs which offer toning up workouts as opposed to aerobics. I'm too unfit to go to a class yet so would like to try something at home to help with loose skin cos after 3 weeks my tumy is already becoming very very wobbly, like a big jelly! :eek:
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Broxi i have just bought a fun fab one, its called *10 minute workout Salsa*

You basically follow her salsa work out, each workout lasts for ten minutes and there are five to choose, each covering different areas.

Its fun to do not strenuous and it really works, dance yourself thin honey lol
Thanks Victoria, still on here and not got porridge yet. I'm addicted to this forum. I'll buy that DVD, does it puff you out or tire your muscles?
It doenst puff you out but you can feel the burn afterwards, its a nice burn though.

Your very naughty Broxi haha

full titile *10 minute solution fat blasting Latin dance mix*

fat burning cha cha
salsa slim down
hot cardio mix
merengue grooves
tango toning twist

You will love it xx


needs a real kick in the
callenetics by callun pinkney or something like that xxx
Thanks Claira, I hate these things but think it will help with baggy skin x


needs a real kick in the
callenetics is a slow workout anyone of any age can do it, and its all muscles that get toned, its been going since the 70s i think i have a vidoe but no player so i must try and get it on dvd, xxx


needs a real kick in the
just ordered one on ebay, they say 1hr of callenetics is equivelant to 24hr of aerobics or dance xxx
OMG I had a callenetic video in the 80s, it was very wierd at the time but I bet its really good, let us know how it goes.


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will do, i remember loosing a dress size just from the excercise in 2 weeks, will keep you all posted . there are some dodgy moves though, there are alot of pelvic thrusts lolx


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Hi Broxi,
I have just discovered (well about 2 weeks ago) that the Wii fit can handle my weight, thats great fun and has all different exercises on it. Plus it also keeps track of your weight loss too.
Thats on my Christmas list this year.

I use the Samba De Amigo Maraca game wher you have to shake away like crazy wiggling your hips to the music and really use your arms, its great fun and tires you out.


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Yeah we got that too Witchy, I agree it does knacker you out but good fun.


needs a real kick in the
i love my wii fit, thats what i weigh in daily, and do a little hula x

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