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Too much fruit?

Hi Everyone!

So im new to minimins and Never posted before! i really hope i can get some replies and advice im stuck in a dead end!

so ive been doing SW for 9 weeks now, lost 5lb the first week and since then its been 1 on, 1 off, stay the same, 1 on ..... you get the picture lol

I decided maybe EE wasnt for me as when i done SW before i stuck to red and green. with that i went on to loose 2lb. now ive stayed the same past two weeks. I feel awful because the woman who weighs me looks me up and down and says "well your doing lots of things wrong" :cry:without even asks me what i eat! not a bad thing has passed my lips i have a treat every now and then but syn it - like everyone does (usually forrero roches SW).

I do a food diary and my mum does it with me and we have similar foods together to make it easier (and cheaper) haha

I'm wandering if im eating too much fruit! i love fruit and cant get enough! i have a banana everyday with breakfast (which im going to cut out to see) and i snack all day- punnet of raspberries, apple, oranges, watermellon.

Has anyone else been in the same situation or can help me at all? Im loving slimming world and i go Zumba three times a week! im loosing it in inches just not on scales. just wanna show that cow who weighs me i can do it!!! :cry:

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Hiya - could you post a few days of your food diary on here so we could have a look?

It's a bit difficult to say what the problem might be without getting an idea of what you're eating :)

I'm sure we can be a lot more helpful on here than that cowbag woman lol

If you have the time I'd recommend doing your food diary on here everyday as a record and to get advice if there's anything that you could improve on xxxx
Thanks :) :thankyou:

I have actually done food diaries so will post them on here in a bit :)

im sure you'll be alot more helpful! :p..

It's amazing how much of a difference the support on minimins can make - I don't go to a group and would be lost without it :D
A few typical days:

Day one: RED DAY
Breki: Weetabix (hex b), skimmed milk (hex a)

Snack: Muller light and Banana

Lunch: Ham Salad, tomatoes, cucumbers, dashed with paprika,

Snack: Muller light, Fruit ( 2 satsumas, apple, raspberries and a slice of watermellon)

Dinner: Mince Beef with onions peppers in gravy with parnsip and carrot mash,

2.5 Litres of water plus cups of coffee using rest of other hex a (tend to use both hex a on milk as i cant eat cheese- apart from triangles )

Day two: GREEN DAY
Breki: Weetabix (hex b), skimmed milk (hex a)

Snack: Muller light and Banana. half hour later, a mug shot.

Lunch: Jacket potato with tin of baked beans (SS) and 6 light cow triangles (hex a)

Snack: Muller light, Fruit ( 2 - 4 satsumas, apple, raspberries (SS) and a slice of watermellon) - always snacking on fruit! lol

Dinner: SW chips, with two fried eggs, mushy peas , beans (SS)

2.5 Litres of water plus cups of coffee using rest of other hex a (tend to use both hex a on milk as i cant eat cheese)

Day Three: GREEN DAY
Breki: Weetabix (hex b), skimmed milk (hex a)

Snack: Muller light and Banana. half hour later, a mug shot.

Lunch: SW pasta n sauce quiche with a salad. - usually have half the whole servng cos its so yummy

Snack: Muller light, Fruit ( 2 - 4 satsumas, apple, raspberries (SS) and a slice of watermellon) - always snacking on fruit! lol

Dinner: Rest of quiche if i havent eaten it all- or a pasta and sauce with SW Chips to dunk in the sauce!!

2.5 Litres of water plus cups of coffee using rest of other hex a (tend to use both hex a on milk as i cant eat cheese)

SW Forrero Roches as a treat - 3-4 in a day with a coffee! yummy!

... so thats a few typical days. Dinner is usually whatever mum cooks- she always does it SW way as she is on diet too.

Love a good fry up SW way!!! munch!!!

Anything look a little naughty to you??

Another question (sorry for such long posts) but i dont always use my syns up... sometimes i dont even have any! just dont feel the need to have any syns when im full on free food and fruit... not to mention the yummy forerro roches that are only 1 syn each!!!
Mn okelies - shall list a couple of suggestions, not saying you're doing things all wrong just ideas :)

- try varying your breakfasts, maybe have at least three different options per week and rotate them. Try also having some fruit with breakfast rather than later on as a snack to see if this fills you up for longer

- vary snacks too! Do you think you're eating your snacks because you're hungry or out of habit? Do you feel full after the yoghurt and fruit or feel like you could just keep going eating more fruit? Try swapping the yoghurt and fruit for other free foods so there's variety and see if you feel more/less satisfied having different things

- try and have some superfree veg with your lunch/dinner, although it's only specified to do this on EE I think it's a good habit to get into plus it helps you feel fuller for longer so snacking naturally decreases

- make sure you have both your hexbs on red/green days - important for vits/mins/fibre. You can use a hexb with one of your snacks if it doesn't fit into lunch/dinner

- I'm a fan of synning, I find I have much better losses if I have around 10-15 a day. You don't have to use these just on chocolate treats, can include them in meals e.g. little bit of olive oil (good for you in moderation!), pesto, quorn products (stuff like sausages/burgers have syns). You could syn extra hexb/a choices too if you fancy those. Try and aim for at least 5 syns per day to start with if you find it difficult.

Water and exercise you seem to be doing very well with :)

I'll have a think if there's anything else and post it later - got to go do some work now lol I'm sure other people will give different opinions too. SW is definitely a plan to tinker with to see what best suits the individual as we're all a little different xxx
Some good tips thanks :)

I do also have muller light porridge for beakki too! i find cereal like bran flakes etc just dont feel me up and tend to have no time for anything larger or cooked breks.

i love snacking on a red day on cold meats and tins of fish like mackrel, crab and sardines! love them! or ryvittas.

I have read elsewhere that you shouldnt cut out on syns so im defo gonna try have more syns this week. maybe a pack of quavers today :)

thanks for the advice! i am being a little nosey but was looking at your challenges each week! can you shed some light on those would love to give them a try at some point!

Well done you for loosing so much weight and not a single class! will power girl!!! xxx
Hehe thanks - I tend to treat minimins as my class since I report in here every week on m'diary and join in with challenges and stuff so I have online classmates to help me if I'm flagging a bit on the motivation front :D No probs for the advice, happy to help whenever. Feel free to be nosey too lol :)

I got the weekly challenge ideas from this thread a while back: http://www.minimins.com/slimming-wo...0-mini-week-challenges-boost-weight-loss.html

I tend to find it really helps me stay focussed if I have some sort of challenge or 'theme' every week and it's interesting to see if it makes a difference to my losses :D

I just had a thought - how are your mum's losses compared to yours if you're both eating the same meals most of the time? And do you have much weight to lose? xx
Im definately going to give the challenges a go! bit hard this week as im going away so just going to enjoy the weekend really- seeing as ive been good the past ten weeks lol.

My mums weight losses are fine! great in fact 2 and half last week 3 this week. I lost 1 pound this week stayed the same last week.

So i complained about the witch! turns out she has done it to many people so now i stick to weighing in at the end. :D so much better the consultant is lovely.

The weird thing is i look like ive lost soo much more. which is great but frustrating at the same time so im not getting so upset as i was. i go zumba alot and go walking so consultant said prob muscle as it weighs more.

but hey ho! still going strong :D

How are you doing? any more challenges this week? xx
heehee glad you've sorted a way to avoid the Witch :D

Are you keeping a track on your inchlosses aswell then if you seem to be shrinking even if the numbers aren't as big as you'd hope for? Will definitely give you a boost seeing those go down to :)

I'm on a water challenge this week - 3 litres a day. Been feeling a bit wobbly with work anxiety and stuff which is making me want chocolate all the time but managing to push through it.

I've just received some slimpods (wordweaving hypnosis cd thingies) in the post to try so not sure if I'm doing any other specific challenges for the next three weeks, might just call it slimpod week 1,2,3 as you're meant to listen to them for at least 21 days straight. Never tried anything like them before so it should be iiiiiiinteresting lol

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