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Too much water?


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1 gallong is 8 pints.

The guide lines on water is a minimum of 2.5litres (4 pints) a day in addition to the water used to mix your packs.

Drinking should be frequent and throughout the day.

Everyone finds their own level of comfort drinking water.

No idea about water causing kidney stones:confused:


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I have to stop drinking by about 7pm or else i'd be in the toilet all night. :eek:


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our water has a taste of chlorine... it's starting to make me gag xxx
I have to stop drinking by about 7pm or else i'd be in the toilet all night. :eek:
I think that my regular trips to the toilet are contributing to any weight losses that I have :rolleyes:, often twice a night, once I have gone to bed:eek:
shots i think that is abit to much water? can you not try for max 5-6 litres? the reason for this is because you could be slowely flushing out all the salts from your body?

i only say this cus when i was going through my thirsty stage i think i was 7-8 litres i was told on these boards to stop drinking that much for that reason ..

i did space it out through the day too and peed alot sometimes lol..
oh i cant stand tap water, i only drink bottled water highland spring is my fave! i not keen on other bottled water...
can you not try for max 5-6 litres?

I could try to cut down but if there is not much doing I use the water to try to fill a food void:eek:, on weekends I find it really difficult and probably drink even more water, plenty of trips to the loo!:rolleyes: I was just concerned when I heard the story (rumour) about the stones:confused:
its not the stones you ha ve to worry about really with drinkng water its the loss of salts from your body which can be dangerous and also drowning!!

but i do think thats if you drink it mainly near at once..

kidney stones i think can be caused but i not so sure... perhaps try google?


Fab & Fit For Florida
i've heard about gall stones on CD but don't quote me on that...
I don't think too much water causes them as such, just that if you didn't know you had them, and then was drinking vast amounts of water, you would in effect be flushing them out your kidneys.
Last year I was drinking loads more water than I am now ( I drink between 2-3 litres now), and I collapsed with kidney pain. Was taken in my ambulance to hospital and the doctors all said it was as a result of upping the amount of water I drink ( I was drinking about 6 litres a day). They never did say for definate if I had a kidney stone. And since I reduced the amount of water I drink I've not had that awful renal pain either :)
It is true re gallstones, VLCDs increase the risk I'm afraid. As for drinking too much water - it is true that this could flush all your salts away BUT have you seen the salt levels in the packs AND in bottled water?? I think it is unlikely therefore that you could actually become unwell drinking 5 - 6 litres a day , but the point is that you don't need to and probably shouldn't.

Oh dear!:( Is it as a result of lots of water or are you just lucky :confused:
It's got nothing to do with water intake. Its can be caused by a number of things (including a fatty diet!) but water most deafinately isn't one of them.
LOL don't mean to make fun shotshog but you seem to be very paranoid about your water intake!:D
Thanks for that :thankyou:, I will try to reduce the volume of water, but it has become a bit of a comforter. I do not drink much of the bottled water, perhaps I could have a bacon sandwich to keep up the salt levels:D
lol shots nooooooooooooooooooooooo and anyway food etc has different type of salts our bodys have lol...

soo ner ner ner ner NERR !!!!

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