tortilla wrap soup


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I have.... I always make my crisps in one big piece.... Also have used this with shakes which are nice!


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Oh yes yummy!

In fact I had a 'tortilla' wrap for lunch...I'm doing 1200 cals so had it with lettuce & chicken shreaded yummy yum yum! Great for AAM too.

Kam x


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excellent!! Am going to give it a go. Im on 790 so going to fill it with some tofu and broccoli mix (bit bizzare, but am out of lettuce!!!)


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Can someone please tell me the Crisp recipe again? I tried it a couple of weeks ago, it came out soft and had to throw it away. I haven't tried it since.


Mike (icemoose) has a very good description in the recipes section of the forum, complete with pictures. Do make sure you use bakewell or silicone paper not greaseproof - I made that error and they stuck like glue!!