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totm question

i need to ask a question, i came on my period and was very lethargic and down, hungry and craving, but never the less i still lost 3lbs whic is still a loss at least but the thing was my period didnt stop and im now on day 24 of my period only lost 2lbs this week, iv been to the docs but didnt want to mention the diet incase he used that as a scapegoat, but i have got low blood pressure so my cdc has suggested i go on 790 until my period regulates again, i was just wondering if you have ever heard anything like this before?

i do feel down about my loss though becasue i thought id be further along by now :cry:
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Hi there

CD can cause problems with TOTM, I had mine then a week break and had another one and I am sure I have seen posts from people who have had a similar experience to you. It should all settle down when you finish the diet.

do you think my weight loss might speed up abit then when it regulates a bit more?
Should do as you can retain water at TOTM, I only lost 2lbs and then last week only 2.5 and was on both times, the middle week when I had a blessed break from it I lost 6lbs!! Stick with it, the calories are sooo low you have to be losing weight but sometimes the losses can be up and down but overall you should still lose an average of a stone per month.

thanks huny , you have put my mind at ease a bit :p
Sorry to hear of your totm troubles Milkybar. I think I must be one of the lucky few who havent had problems in that dept yet.

I think the doc can prescribe something to stop the bleeding if it doesnt ease up on its own, so perhaps try 790 for the week as your CDC suggested and then go back to doc if it hasnt stopped.

BTW, our starting stats were very similar. I was 18st 1 with a 45" waist. Might give you some comfort to know that after 12 weeks I am now 14st 5 with a 37" waist!
thats an amazing weight loss hun congratualtions, ihope i can do aswell as you, im going to bloody well try as hard as i can lol :p

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