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I didnt know either so dont worry nelly! xxx


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Thanks, it makes more sense now.


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The abbreviations can be a bit off putting when you 1st come on here, I am v impressed you asked...:)

Maybe we should add some more so we all know what we are talking about lol (that is 'laugh out loud')

AAM = add a meal
btw = by the way

Feel free to add more i can't think of any now lol

Byebye bingo wings

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Some other people may find useful:

CD = Cambridge Diet (Of course!)
CDC = Cambridge Diet Counsellor
SS = Sole Source
SS+ = Sole Source Plus
TOTM = Time of the Month ;)
AAM = Add a Meal

Other Diets people mention:

LL = Lighter Life
WW= Weight Watchers
SW = Slimming World
LT = LipoTrim
RC = Rosemary Connelly

Conversation Ones:

LOL = Laugh out Loud
LMAO = Laughing my ass off!
PMSL = Peeing myself laughing (appropiate for us Cambridgers!)
OMG = Oh my God
BTW = By the way
FYI = For your info
TMI = Too much info (think we all may be a little guilty of that one sometimes!)

Takes a while to get the hang of some of these abbreviations!
Hope this helps new people. x