Toxic People....


Hey guys...

just wondering how ya first of all realise that you have a 'toxic person' in your life and then how to eliminate them out of your life???

there has just been a bit of chat on the forum about 'toxic people' recently by different people talking about their friends/partners/ex partners etc and i just thought i'd start a thread to see if we can all help each other...

my story... friends with this guy for guts of 3 years (never bf/gf but did become intimate quite a lot :rolleyes: :rolleyes: ) anyway bad times 90% of the time, still stuck with him, alcoholic, selfish just basically self centered person he was!!! anyway i'm slowly getting rid of him out of my life and want him to stay gone...

anyone any stories or tips or just want to share???


Gen xx
I read someone in a magazine the other day, where an agony aunt said (in a reply to an abusive bf scenario) to change your phone number/email address etc and just not to let the toxic person into your life at all.

I thought it was quite good advice.
The power of change begins within ourselves.

As we change so does everything else around us.

Decide what it is you want out of life and go for it.

The years go by so fast and the most valuable possession is your time and dare I say youth!!!

Enjoy it while you still have it.

Love Mini xxx
cheers guys... i knew this fecker was 'toxic' ie no bloody good for me from the very start and yet i was just swept away with the whole thing and here i am 3 bloody years later and still stuck...... not anymore let me tell ya!!!

strong like a bull eh issy!!!!

Gen xx
The most toxic person in my life was my sister. She was so bad, I've had to stop having contact with her ... which is sad because she IS my sister. :(

She has some pretty heavy-duty issues and it's now got to the point that NO-ONE in my family is talking to her. I feel very sorry for her but at the same time, I know if I contact her, I'll be putting myself at the edge of the vortex again and will get sucked right in.

It's one thing to eliminate 'Tom, Dick or Harry' from your life but it's a whole different ball game when it's your own family. I can't help feeling guilty and have even considered making a trip to her house over the Christmas period and try to have limited contact ... a sort of 'arms length' approach so to speak.

Oh blimey - I dunno!! :(
Ooh that's such a tricky one, Debbie!

The most toxic person in my life was my birth father (lordy, don't get me started) so some years ago, I cut off all contact with him.

I know he's tried to contact me through Friends Reunited - via my ex-husband rather than me (WTF) and my half-brothers but I just cannot tolerate him and his insanity. I can't even go to my eldest half-brother's wedding (in 2 days - eek) because he will be there and I've vowed never to let him see my children's faces (long story).

I don't know what I would do if it was my sister - but, knowing me, it would probably be the same if I felt strongly enough.

I hope you can resolve it so that you're happy with the outcome, hun!