Lightbulb moment that I am existing, not living

Hey people, I am back after 2 years and putting on more weight. So I am going to lay it out there for the world to see and for me to see it myself. Somehow I am 23 stone. How the hell that happened I do not know but too much booze and loving sweet and chicken Hong Kong style is probably the reason. It was my birthday on Thursday and someone took a photo that is attached and I thought WTF I literally look like I am going to eat those people. Also I’ve met someone at work and while he is not the reason I want to lose weight he is defo the catalyst. I think anyone who is overweight and had thought what will his friends think of me, what if people laugh in the street at us holding hands knows how I feel. It’s all very well saying big and beautiful and confidence and all that malarkey but this is abOut how I feel and to be honest, it’s been a long time coming, I realize I have become the master of excuses for my own unhealthy lifestyle - like having the scales in pounds rather than stone because somehow psychologically it doesn’t look at shocking or mum passing two years ago. I used to have a life of going out and dancing all night and having great fun. I’ve turned into this sad person whose best friend is just eat and deliveroo. It’s going to stop and that is starting today. I’m 23 stone and my first goal is 20 stone. Then it will be 18 stone. Then it will be 16 stone. And that’s as far as I can think right now. Small steps, big leaps. This website is invaluable. I need to make friends on this journey. I have a bad relationship with food as it’s my friend in darkness. It’s painful being the confident successful person at work and then the lonely ball at home having one night stands because that’s all I feel I deserve. I’ve just been so honest I’ve shocked myself but I’m here to make change starting TODAY. Xxx


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Hello and welcome back!

Lots of lovely people on Cambridge who will support you on your journey.

Keep smiling and drink lots of water xx
Brilliant honesty and insight - and a situation I recognise from my life in the 80s and 90s. Welcome back.

Using Cambridge to reset your weight, and change yr reliance on food, while making changes in other parts of your life will set you up for success. Congratulations on starting your new life today.

Me? I am clearing the clutter - which includes my marriage. Sad it's broken down - but it makes this time important to having a reset in life as well as weight too. So body clutter, cupboards, thee garage and any clothes that don't give me joy - are all going. I also packed up the "smaller" clothes I like by size - so they aren't hanging in the wardrobe - but are coming out as I shrink into them. Apart from one fat outfit that I am keeping, everything else is being sent to Sue Ryder.
Welcome back x

Thankyou for your beautifully honest post. Bless your heart.

Not wanting to poach you or anything, but have you tried slimming world? Image therapy by staying to group will definitely help you readjust your relationship with your foodie demons.

I think , from reading your post, that you def can't and shouldn't do this alone x

Group is a safe and lovely place.
A bit late but wanted to say hi and good luck on the journey. Get the first 2 weeks under your belt and it becomes a lot easier xx
Hi BermudaGirl and welcome to Minimins.

I absolutely love this forum too, people on here are just amazing!

How are you getting on?