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Travelling - help please?


Where's Skinny Minnie?
I have to travel to London quite a bit with my job and my first trip since starting SW is tomorrow.
I'll be getting a train at half 7, attending 2 meetings of the "suited and booted" variety (one a.m., one p.m.) then travelling home about 5ish (all being well). Don't know what to take snack or mealwise (without turning up at meetings with a holdall).
Just wondering does anyone else do this sort of thing and how do you stay on plan?
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I use to!!

However, I was driving so would mainly eat in the car. Have a look in your book at the low syn sandwiches, buy some fruit salad bowls (expensive but good if you're claiming on expenses), take some Alpen Lights with you (only 3 syns each or 1B for 2)....

How often do you travel? x


Where's Skinny Minnie?
Every six months we hold our review meetings and they usually spread over 2 months with 1 or 2 days out of the office a week.
I don't want to risk being off plan 2 days a week as I'm really trying to maximise my losses so need to be able to 100% even when I'm travelling. Fruit bowls are a great idea, I'll nip into M&S at the station. Re the sandwiches, what types are usually low? And do you think I'm better off doing red or green? x
I'd do red hun, that way you can always buy cooked chicken pieces etc or even a packet of ham.

Sandwiches -

Reduced fat....

* BLT twin pack - 11.5 syns on both
* Chicken salad twin pack - 14 syns on both
* Ham salad twin pack - 13 syns on both

You can take away 6 syns if using your bread as a B, so makes them sound a bit better.

Also - go to a sandwich shop so you can ask them to pile it high with salad but also request no mayo etc. x
subway veggie delight salad bowls are ace (basically plain salad no meat) and if you pick a low syn dressing they are reasonably good for you , there are 2 syns in sweet onion , 3 in light mayo, 1.5 in honey mustard, ranch is 2
I lived on these when i was flying around the place with a fruit salad for after they really feel like you have had a proper meal


Where's Skinny Minnie?
Thanks guys :) I'm taking a yogurt and fruit to eat on the train, so as long as at lunch time I stick to the sort of stuff you've mentioned then fingers crossed I should be fine (not end up chewing the furniture or having my stomach growl ravenously at inopportune moments). Really appreciate the tips x

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