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Ha! When i went to classes, i used to pick up a chinese on the way home! :eat:
I've only just started back with SW and this time i'm not going to classes but trying to do it on my own. Fingers crossed i wont slip back into bad habits.

It was a standing joke at my meetings. I never hid the fact i was off to the chinese staright after, sometimes even phoning the OH to see what he wanted!
I still lost though!
It was my treat!
If you do it and still lose, whats the harm?


i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
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me too i used to go straight from wi to chippie for fish supper when i did ww . still do treat after wi but not to the same extereme as now as i am sw just give myself a few more extra syns:D


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A lot of people seem to do that, and it works for them so that's great.
I treat WI as every other day, though when I lose I am even more inspired to eat less that day!
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Yeah but only because my weigh in is a Saturday and I have nearly all my syns at the weekend then none/hardly any during the week.


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I can honestly say that I never felt the need to. To treat yourself implies that you are deprived the rest of the time and one thing I've never felt on SW was deprived. Also is seemed to defeat the purpose by celebrating losing some weight by going off the plan and jeopardising my loss the following week.


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You see afterwards id prefer some chocolate i like rather then a big meal lol
Funnily enough I have just been checking out the syn values of chocolate and the fun size ones seem to be around 3 - 3/12 syns each. Guess what I am buying tomorrow.

As for a treat after weigh-in yep certainly do, but perhaps not to the extreme I would if I had an evening weigh-in, crazy I know cos an evening weigh-in you have less time to 'work it off' but there we go.
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V and I always treat ourselves to a weigh in on Monday
we usually only have one healthy a a day but on weigh days we have two and treat ourselves to a latte in town
we know the girls in the cafe and they use a healthy a portion of milk just for us :) feels like a real treat but its actually still within plan - I am sure this is because we have in out rather than go home and have it :):)
Only if we have a weight loss. nip down the cafe for a couple of bacon butties with burger sauce:D
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Theres a standing joke that after wi its a food void as technically your not in the next wi week yet. I treat myself last week to a bag of crisps and a bar of galaxy but usually i dont bother. A lot of the ladies at our group though really do go with the food void and have a takeaway followed by choc or cake.


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I don't - but then I am a slow loser and after slogging all the week to lose a 1lb, there is no way I am going to have a 'naughty' treat in case I put it back on again.

But lot's of people do have a treat after WI, they look forward to it and enjoy it.
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I do!! I WI at home on a Friday morning and I will then at some point over the weekend treat myself to something like a ben and jerrys ice cream! I think its important to have a little naughtiness every now and again!!

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