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trident sugerfree splash?


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I have read a few times people having this gum on CD i picked up a packet of the strawberry and lime and was having a check on the back and it contains citric acid, i though this was a real no-no?

anyway was wondering if anyone knew, before i start to munch it!! just fancied a change getting a bit bored with the extra spearmint flavour!! :eek:
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i have the wrigleys cinamon because they mint is boring day in day out, try switching aabout the flavours wrigley have strawberry and lime and blue berry and a few more new flavors i buy mine in the pound shop :) becuase im tight x
im not sure about the citric acid maybe if its not much it doesnt matter becuase i think were allowed diet coke and thats got citric acid in x


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Diet Coke is a no no - it's got citric acid. Coke zero is ok thou as made with malic acid. Can't help on the chewing gum front - I stay away from it as it makes me really hungry :(


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I have been chewing Trident splash all day every day...it certainly hasn't affected my losses. Ifind that it really helps me. I think you would have to eat (and Swallow!!!!) loads for it to make a difference.

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Yup, diet coke is definitely a no no - coke zero - good!!!

I am quite happy to stick to the Trident sugar free mint one, as I only use it if my mouth feels yucky and my breath really smells!


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Hi, I found some 'BLACK mint' sugar-free gum, liquorice & mint, lovely NO citric acid in it. Wrigley's AIRWAVES is the brand it clears your nose too & helps keep your mouth tasting FAB. I tried the fruity flavours but was worried about citric acid affecting me, this way I get a change from mints, taste liquorice (My fave) and a nice mouth AND breathe better. Though boy does hubby moan when I spend 10 minutes examining all the chewing gum wrappers for info!!lol
i chew trident continuously - get through around 4 packs a day:eek:

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