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Trivenas ee food diary & losses! ;)


Getting there!!!
Well after thinkin bout this for a few days im going to put a diary up,it will keep me motivated every day instead of just writing it,ill be able to keep much better track of my previous days....

so far ive been 100% as i dont feel the need to fall off this plan,its the business!
most mornings ill forecast wat ill be eating for the day but sumtimes ill log my food after work at night!! here goes......x

14th sept 2010-day 6 :D

B---2 Weetabix,150ml lf milk,handful frozen raspberries all microwaved 2gether...yuuuummmy!!
heA & heB
S---2 apples
L---1.5 cups beef stirfry with egg noodles
S---1 orange
D---gammon,1.5 quorn sausage,2 lean bacon,cabbage,3 tbsp mash pots.
S---Fruit salad with fat free activia :D

water intake---4 x 750mls everyday religiously :kissass:

exercise---20 mins 6mph walk
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Getting there!!!
Day 7 :) sept 15th 2010-----a very happy bunny today,lost over half stone on my 1st weigh!!!

b---2 weetabix,lf milk and raspberries (HeA & HeB)
S---orange and apple
L---hearty veg soup 295gm,ww (6.5 syns)
S---tuna in brine,2 boiled eggs,pineapple
D---Slim World chips,omlette with asparagus,red green pepper,onion,courgettes topped with cheddar cheese-4 syns

syns total-10.5
water-4 x 750mls


Getting there!!!
Day 8

2 weetabix and lf milk
3 pieces fruit
2 fat free yog
pasta carbonara with chicken and onions

syns: nutri grain apple bar-6.5
muller corner strawberry 5.5
dolmio carbonara 50gm 2
5 fig rolls 17.5------WOOOW! BOLD BOLD BOLD,LOL!!
No exercise,2-3 750ml water,not sure,had a bad day from scratch! :(

2m will be better because i did my food shopping yippeeee!! x


Getting there!!!
day 9----feeling much better,more at ease knowing the food i need for the day is there now!

B---weetabix,sweetener,lf milk
s---3 pieces fruit
L---egg salad
s---3 pieces fruit
D---baby pots,beans,2 eggs poached,0.5 can of beans,4 pork sausages(8),1 tsp butter(2)
treat--massive fruit salad with fat free yog!! :)

10 syns
am doing 30 mins 6mph walk
3.2litres water !!
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Getting there!!!
day 10

2 weetabix,lf milk
2 fat free yogs
apple,pear,2 clems
250gm baked beans 2 tiny baked pots
minnestrone soup-sw recipe- free
bacon omlette,onions,tomatoes,asparagus,sw chips-28gm edam cheese-(5)
fruit salad

exercise-25 min dvd (30 day shred,gillian micheals)
water-4x750 mls


Getting there!!!
i have decided to post what i will be eating for the next 4 days till weigh in,i will amend it if anything changes! :)


Getting there!!!
day 11-will be as follows

2 weetabix,lf milk
2 fruit
sw minestrone soup...twas yummmmmy!
fat free yog
roast chicken dinner
60gm hb vanilla icecream (5) and sw chocolate cake (3.5) with strawberries
fruit salad with fat free yog!

syns-2 for gravy granuals,3.5 for cake,5 for icecream= 10.5
exercise-25 min brisk walk
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Getting there!!!
day 12-will be as follows

2 weetabix,lf milk
3 fruit
egg salad with edam cheese (5) and tbsp light mayo (2.5)
3 fruit
sw spag and meatballs
fruit salad

exercise-30 mins 10 jogging,20 walk 6mph
water 5x750ml


Getting there!!!
day 13 will be

2 weetabix
fruit salad
fat free yog
noodles with veg stock
1 fruit
SW BLT burger and sw chips,salad

syns-1 tbsp light mayo-2.5,1 med hamburger bun-7,1 light cheese slice
exercise-1 hour walk
water- 4x750ml


Getting there!!!

2 weetabix
1xloaded potatoe skins wit edam cheese,tomato,onion
chicken pasta with pepper,toms,scallions and cheese sauce (3)
veg soup-homemade with celery,green pepper,courgette,onion,leeks,can tomatoes,1 green chilli

exercise-30 mins 6mph
water 4x750ml

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