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trouble with minimins


please try again


Loooooves MiniMins
If you click log out up in the blue bit then you'll have to sign in again next time even if you've checked the box, but if you just close it then it'll keep you signed in. Not noticed adverts either lol.


please try again
its when im readin posts after the first i keep getting one about finances, its only been doing that today


please try again
i never log out lol
i have adblock on my firefox, bu in uni yeah usually the page is full of ads.

I stay logged in too x


Staff member
i have adblock on my firefox, bu in uni yeah usually the page is full of ads.

I stay logged in too x
I wont say anything about how adverts pay for minimins *cough*. But I dont mind if anybody wants to use adblock.

There are 3 ads on every page.

Theres one at the top, one after the first post and one at the bottom under the quick reply box.

The Advert after first post is ONLY for guests not members and has always been there.

The reason your getting logged out is that your not ticking the "remember me" button(which logs you out after 20 minutes of inactivity, that includes playing LONG games in the arcade), or your browser is rejecting cookies which is not the case because you are able to post, unless you are constantly getting logged out of your post then you need to enable cookies.

i have to use adblock with my firewall or i cant see minis!!! My bro owns a computer company and set up my network - he gets hacked so my firewall closes every window with a "suspect" ad!
It's crazy mental but i do of course appreciate the need for ads ;)


please try again
hmm i have ad blockers too so it must of been playing up
after i left here my comp decided to crash ( not all that unusual ) and this evening it all seems fine again
ive made sure the remeber me box is checked so fingers crossed
thank you all


Strong women stay slim
I've not noticed ads either

haven't even noticed there are adverts
I think if you dont reg that you see the ads , try to come in to the site without putting your username in , you see ads then also you can't get to see peoples photos too .

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