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Trying again.

I'm phoning my old CDC tomorrow (well today technically) to try CD for the 3rd or 4th time. I have never made it passed the first week possibly even 3 days I can't remember. I had a problem with not being able to finish ANY of the flavours. I would just gag and feel really sick. I suppose it's just a mental block but I just don't know how to get passed it.

I need to do it though I have put on like 3 stone in the last year. I'm 24 stone 10 now. I think I have posted her for many diets in the past WW, SW, CD, LL and slimfast. I don't know what is wrong with me.

I'm thinking about making weight loss vlogs (video blogs) on youtube for encouragement and I have a twitter rainbowdrops22. I don't know how get over this frame of mind with the gagging.

What flavours shall I try-which of the tetras is the least rich? I just need ONE flavour that I can down in one and be done with the meal. I don't need to enjoy it just get it down my neck.

I have the worst insomnia too because I just want to sort myself out so I'm always up researching ways to sort myself out. I frustrate myself.

So yeah, end of 4:30am rant. Someone knock some sense it to me and tell me how to sort myself out once and for all.

xoxo Beth
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cos i need this xxx
hey hey! really sorry to hear youve struggled so much in the past. im on my 2nd week of cd and admittedly its no picnic for me lol, but im starting to adjust to the new way of eating (or rather drinking lol) - ive found the vanilla shake reall nice and very neutral, as well as the banana tetra.
the original porrige is nice, just tasteless but a bit sweet if that makes sense. also try having them really REALLY cold, i did that with the butterscotch one that i hated first time, but found nice really cold!
good luck xxx
awww beth! your post sounds so sad and desperate. i can tell you now that when i first did CD it took me a good week to stop gagging. in week 3 again i had a bad gagging issue. yesterday i was struggling to finish my shakes and i have ALL hot choc shakes. thats the oly flavour i can have, with a few butterscotch and toffee ones too. Please realise that after a week or so your mouth adjusts to the flavour and the gagging stops. dont get me wrong, i have never found them nice to drink but they no loger make me feel sick, and sometimes i look forward to my drinks. you just need to persevere, see it as a medicine. i use double the water when i make mine which dilutes the flavour so you could try that. no matter what it takes, get to wk 2 and i guarantee you will be buzzing from the first weigh in and will be well on your way. start a diary on here so we can all help and no matter how vile they taste just have them. remember, if you have been eating rich foods annd takeaways it will take some time for your body to adjust to the flavours of the shakes. it takes 10 times of tastig something before you start liking it, so just persevere. also, there are bars you can have from wk 3 and time flies on this diet. good luck!


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I have tried numerous diets in the past and I must say this one has definately been the one thats worked for me..
Be positive you can do it.. Try and put the past behind you the diets you have done before and forget about how this has made you feel before, start afresh.
Have you ever tried adding crushed ice to your shakes and drink them with a straw in a tall glass.
I have always loved the shakes and bars was never one for soups or porridge its just finding what you like and the flavours that you prefer.
I love all the chocolate flavours choc mint, choc orange, choc and chocolate tetras and the peanut bars are my favourite.
You need to take each day at a time and set yourself mini goals, its not going to be forever but my life has changed since doing this and I know if you stick with it your life will change to.
Good luck hon xxx


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Did you try adding the vanilla shake powder to hot (not boiling tho) coffee and whizzing up til frothy? It's not quite a cappucino, but it definitely makes it more palatable :)

Also, I like to dilute a choc tetra with more water and zap in the microwave until warm to make a nice hot choc drink on a cold day... I just have to remember not to add the squirty cream and marshmallows to make it even tastier lol ;)
I like taste of most of flavours but only if ice cold. I have a smoothie machine add make shakes in that with ice. They are really frothy and ice cold.


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Hi, poor you, it's hard enough doing a diet without it being one that makes you gag. Just a thought, try making the shakes with more water, i know you are wanting to just throw them down but i find them alot nicer to drink if they are not thick. Give it a go with half a pack and see what you think. Good luck with it!!

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