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Trying Success Express

So last night was my WI, and after a weekend of family weddings, parties, etc I was expecting a gain. Miraculously I had a miniscule gain of just 0.5lb!! Over the moon :D

Our consultant Nic told us about the new tool, Success Express, and I decided to give it a go - I have just 2lb to shift before my first stone is gone and am determined to hit this goal for next WI.

I am also cutting out fizzy drinks as of now, and sticking to water - at least 2 litres per day.

Just wondering, is anyone else currently following Success Express? If so, how are you finding it?

Many thanks xx
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Thank you, big help!!


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I've never heard of it!! Could you elaborate for me please?! Will have to ask my C tonight!! xxxx


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Sorry - just clicked the link and it's in there!! Ooops! Sorry! xxx
Not to worry Jodie - hope you find it useful!
Please let us know how you get on! do you have a food diary?
I was thinking of trying this for a week before my holidays to try and give myself a boost. x
I dont have a food diary unfortunately - I just tend to stick to the paper ones from class.

WI is next tuesday night so will let you all know how it goes :D


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Success Express is not a new tool, it's been around for a few years AFAIK. :D

I've been doing it for just over a week now and have been REALLY enjoying it - I've got my WI tonight, so I'll come back and let you know how I got on!
Oh, really? Our C told us last night that she had a new tool for us to boost our weight loss, as many of us had small gains this week due to weekends away, etc. Either way, it sounds great and I'm loving day one of S.E :D

Good luck for your WI, will be interested to see how you get on!
So far today I have eaten..

* Fruit Salad: Strawberries, Blackberries, Blueberries, Grapes & Pineapple (SUPERFREE)
* Mullerlight Yoghurt (FREE)
* Slimming World HiFi bar (1 HexB)

* Brown roll (1 HexB)
* Chicken (FREE)
* Lettuce, Cucumber, Onion (SUPERFREE)
* Sweet Chilli Sauce (3 syns for 2 tbsp)
* Fruit Salad: Pineapple, Apple & Strawberries (SUPERFREE)
* Mullerlight Yoghurt (FREE)

Tonight I am going out for dinner. I plan on eating either:
* Steak/Gammon (FREE)
* served with a jacket potato (FREE) and salad (SUPERFREE) - rather than chips and onion rings, etc.

I also still have my 2 HexA choices for today - unsure how to use these as not really keen on dairy products, etc.


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Your meals need to be made up of 2/3rds superfree on SE - I think your evening meal is more EE than SE!

You can have 3 meals a day of the 2/3 to 1/3 principle so your breakfast wouldn't count as a meal - if you wanted you could actually have another meal!

I do like SE but find it quite difficult and I do find I get hungry on it. It does work though, so good luck!


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4 and a half pounds off :D

Good luck x

I'm playing with the idea of doing it again this week because I want to get as much off as possible before my holiday next month.

There's no limit on how long you can follow it for, is there?
That's a fab weight loss, think I will give success express a go as it obviously works :)
For the last week i've been having 2/3rd superfree at lunch with a superspeed protein( usually fish) and i've lost 5.5lbs Have managed to lose all the weight i put on over easter & then some!


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I think they were doing success express when I joined back in 2001, so I think your consultant is just a good saleswoman ;)


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Am I really thick... is the only difference between EE and SE 2/3 superfree instead of 1/3 superfree?

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