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Trying to choose the best diet plan for me. What is about WW that makes

you like it better than other diets?
Just some background about me. I need to lose AT LEAST four and a half stone. Realistically more like five and a half.
I've been overweight for about 17 years. Tried every diet known to man but stick to it for a couple of weeks, get bored, and then gain any weight I have lost plus some more.

The only way I've been successful was with WW. I've joined more than 10 times, but about 3 years ago I stuck with it for 3 months and lost just over a stone. I got bored, and I got disheartened because it was taking me so long to lose the weight. Well since then, my weight has gone from 11st 10lb (my lowest on WW) up to 14st 8lb...

I want to lose weight, and I am considering joining WW next week (I'm going away later this week so will join my local meeting after my trip). But I dont want to join again, and fail again. Has anyone else tried several times but finally succeeded?
Right now I am so fed up with being overweight. I would be happy if I could just get down to 12st. That seems achievable but my BMI would still be too high.

Nice to "meet" you all, btw.
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i did CD and lost 59lbs but i got so fed up it wasn't do'able for me anymore. WW may be slower but i don't feel deprived of anything take this aft i had fish fingers and chips cos i fancied them lol

WW will be a way of life for me i will always have to count points cos i gain weight otherwise. So that why i choose WW its cos i canlive with it and its a long term way instead of thinking well when i come off a diet i will eat like mad.
you like it better than other diets?

Has anyone else tried several times but finally succeeded?

Nice to "meet" you all, btw.
Hi there

And welcome aboard. I think WW is just the best diet in the world. Ive tried and failed on it SO many times its not funny but this time with 100% dedication, boy is it working :)

Hope you decide to join us :)
I can recommend this diet 100% It's just so easy to incorporate into your daily life.
The first time I joined I lost loads of weight but over the years it's steadily crept up on me, I tried lots of times (unsuccessfully) to do it on my own at home, this time I've joined a club again and it's going good, I've had a couple of blips but the beauty is you can make up the points or just draw a line under it and start again.
Best of luck with deciding, it's a great support network on here.
I've considered a VLCD because of the quick losses, but I am sure I could not stick to it....
I decided tonight, after reading a lot of the threads here, that WW is the way to go.

Just want to say thanks everyone.
This is going to be a long journey, but I really want to do it this time :)


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welcome hun, it really is great

I hope you don't mind me saying but maybe WW isn't the diet for you - if you've tried 10 times already then maybe something else will be more suitable for you.
It's wonderful that others find it great but diets are very individual and you need to find the one that is going to work for you.

Do you feel right now that you are in the right frame of mind to reduce weight? - I think you need to be totally convinced that whatever diet regime you are on that it will definitely work and, to be honest, you don't sound at all convinced. Maybe your mind just isn't there yet.

If you became disheartened because it took you 3 months to lose a stone then have you now changed and will you now be happy to lose at that rate? Maybe you should research other diets and see whether there is another approach that is better for you - Atkins? Cambridge? Low GI? etc

Perhaps it would help if you could work out what it is that makes you bored with a diet regime. Going on a diet means changing your lifestyle and your relationship with food and not seeing it as something you go on and then change your habits back afterwards.

I hope you succeed in finding what works for you.

Good point sweetpea but by the same token, sometimes it takes everything clicking into place for a diet to be truly successful.

Ive joined WW more times than I care to remember and it never worked particularly well. This time it all just fell into place and its working great and thats without going to classes :)

If Bastet is in the right frame of mind this time as opposed to last time (and the times before ;) ) theres no reason why it wont work this time :)
If Bastet is in the right frame of mind this time as opposed to last time (and the times before ;) ) theres no reason why it wont work this time :)
I totally agree that you need to be in the right frame of mind but the way that Bastet wrote that she doesn't want to join only to fail again suggests she may not be. If she was then wouldn't she be convinced that this is it this time?

Just thought something like Atkins might be easier for her!
I must admit starting/stopping Weight Watchers on various occasions, but this time it feels different and right and is certainly working.
Hope you make a decision soon Bastet and I cannot recommend WW highly enough :) If you need a chat we're always here :)


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i'm the same this time starlight....i've lost weight on ww before and then on cambridge. But this time i don't see ww as a diet its now a way of life. I'm doing it at home too which i think is harder cos you have no one to impress but yourself with your weightloss but if you want to do it you will!
Hmmm, well I decided on WW because I tried everything else out there from South Beach to diet pills (bad idea) and nothing worked. I couldnt stick to anything very restrictive. The only thing that did work, as I mentioned, was WW but somewhere along the way I lost my motivation that time. What I do like about WW is that I can eat whatever I want, but it is about portion control and that makes sense to me.
I also consider losing weight to be a bit like stopping smoking. It is a big lifestlye change. It may take a few tries to get it to click into place. I was a 20-30 a day smoker for more than 30 years, and tried to give up loads of times. But one time, nearly 5 years ago now, I tried again and it worked. I stopped smoking. So I thought maybe it would be the same type of process with my weightloss.

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