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Trying to lose for the last time...


Is feeling the love!
Hi guys,

Been on here before but was on Slim Fast and I kept falling off the wagon and in the end I just gave up getting back on.

I joined the gym at the end of February and have decided that this is my last go at getting slim.

My weight says I am obesse and my dress size is a 14!! Go figure. I train at the gym 5 times a week and although I have only lost a couple of pounds since February I have knocked 5% off my total body fat, which can only be good.

But I just want to be slim, I am fit and healthy but not slim. And I have to be honest and say I will not feel as though I have succeeded if I don't get there. I am not too bothered about how much I weigh but I am bothered by my dress size. I can accept that because I train I will be heavier but I just want to be thin.

So here goes....last chance saloon for me......
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is going to loose!
Hey Linda welcome back I suppose?!!

I love the gym and healthy eating, a good choice to move the weight once and for all. Good thinking towards the scales vs the dress size. Oh and just noticed that you haven't got a goal date, I think this is a nice way to keep the pressure off.

Are you just calorie counting? There is a great web tool that many use on here it's called my fitness pal.

Hi Linda.

Gosh you are one determined bunny! good on you for going to the gym (that is a battle I am loosing!)

I am sure you'll get there! let us know how you get on...



Is feeling the love!

Bren, I am calorie counting, and someone told me today about that website. It is my next stop after here! lol
I love the gym and have got into a real habbit of going. Didn't want the pressure of setting myself a date. I tried that and just ended up sabotaging myself.

Thanks for the kind messages! xx


Is feeling the love!
Rach, I just love the gym! Lol.
It is such a release of tension...me and the hubby hardly ever agrue anymore!!!! lol

Keep trying with it, you will love it. x
lol...one of the girls i was at school with is a fitness trainer at a gym down the road. She looks amazing, and I would love to look even a tenth as good as her.

I have to keep at it, it's just at my size you feel a bit of an idiot walking into a gym, well, I do anyway



Is feeling the love!
Rach, sorry to be blunt but what size are you? I am short and a size 14 which makes me quite round! lol and I have big boobs and a wobbly tummy! But you can be assured that someone will either be bigger, slower, older, less co-ordinated or general make an arse out of them sleves! The best ones are normally the fit young lads that fall off the back of the treadmill because they can't run as fast as they think they can! lol


is going to loose!
We have those lads over here in Oz too!! lol.

I have found that with exercising over the past 8 years (gym mainly) I get bored. i used to avoid for a few weeks then find my passion back. Basically now if I dont feel like going I go for a walk or attempt a jog/walk. Then I drag a friend out for walking and then I try 30 mins only at the gym for a couple of days and before I know it, passion back.

What really helps is not beating yourself up about not going. It's then when you see it as a chore.

Linda when's your WI day? and Rach?



Gold Member
Afternoon (don't know that time it is in Oz bren - sorry!)

I'm in a 24 at the moment (but if am not careful will be creeping back into my old 26's... Most of the time I don't feel too self concious but at the moment I'm in one of those moods when I just hate how I look. I'm working on it though - I can't hate my body forever I'm stuck with this one for good.

I weigh in on thursdays, and I go straight from work - once I'm home with a cuppa, I am soooo not going back out the door!

How are you getting on this weekend?



Is feeling the love!
Hi Ladies!

I weigh on a Thursday too! I weighed this Thursday and I was dead on 13 stone so I know I haven't put anything on since I gave up beating myself up about dieting.

I know what you mean Bren about the gym, I am only planning to go once this week, mainly because of childcare but I know by Sunday night I will be really looking forward to going on Monday afternoon.

Rach, the gym can be real fun, where abouts do you live? I go to DW Sports (JJB) and I don't feel awkward in there at all.

Still going well, apart from the beer and Chineese over the weekend!!! lol xx


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Morning - I'm off to the one my friend runs now (am a bit scared of her and she WILL kick my ass if I muck about)

Will be back to post more later - boss is lurking!


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