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Morning guys ;-)

welcome to our daily thread:D

How is everyone feeling this morning are we ready for a 100% day?

Im just packing my kids of to school and i have a day of tiding and about 5 loads of washing!! ( 6 of us in my house) always blooming washing!!

Dont forget your water intake guys!!!
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please try again
hey pebble, good morning, hope its a good one

well am up ( i think ) have got the wee one up, dressed, fed and onto her school bus

ive cleaned the living room, sorted out the dishes, put in a wash load so i think ive earned a little minimins break with my water, dont you? lol
not sure what i will do with the rest of the day, probebly more washing grrrrrr
not sure what i will do with the rest of the day, probebly more washing grrrrrr
Thats the story of my life !!!

well im having a shake at 11am today trying to space things out a bit:D nice cold choco mint yummyyyyy
Hi all, I've just got into work and having a sneaky look on here especially for motivation as gained, yes gained, weight this morning, half a pound up on yesterday so have not lost since Friday. I'm hoping this is just normal water retention, or something like that.

Have a good day everyone :)


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Morning all

This is a mini restart for me, i went and did the JUDDD for a week as i was messing about a bit and so yesterday was meant to be day 1 but that went down the pan so today is my day one and i'm scared i have a lot holding on these next few days until i get into ketosis so i thought it would be a good idea if i join you on your daily thread.

I'v got a busy day today, out shopping with my mum this morning then i'v got parents evening this afternoon and lots of housework in between and yes i also have a few loads of washing also have 6 people in my house :)

Well good luck everyone with your 100% days and i will pop back in later to catch up and report how my day has been.


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Morning folks. This morning the scales said I've lost 1lb of the 8lbs I put on with my VERY naughty weekend so I hope to lose a few more by weigh in on Thursday. Glug glug glug! 100% today, deffo.
Thinny 2 be .. could it be your time of the month ? or try and up your water intake maybe???.. fingers crossed for your next weigh in that you will see a loss ;-)....

Right must go and peg that washing out !
Go for it guru ....heres to everyones 100% day .....now serouisly im gunna do this washing lol
Well I am suppose to be in work but my baby boy is poorly with ear,nose and throat infection so haven't had much sleep for past 4 nights!!

Right so far I have taken kids to their schools,seen to the dog,unloaded and re loaded the dish washer,made all beds,cleaned the kitchen,hung out washing,put another load on and fed the baby his brekkie. Am now having a well deserved break on here whilst drinking my yummy hot strawberry shake and rocking off baby to sleep. Phew good job we ladies are good at multi tasking eh lol

Plans for the rest of the day........more washing i suppose and maybe a litttle nap if babs lets me. Then school run,tea,bath and bed.

Is so much easier being at work
Morning mini's

I have had my banana shake and trying really hard with my water today I am at work but not very motivated lol I have body balance tonight so at least that gets me out of cooking duties.

Hope you are all well xx
Morning all!! Off work for the week so we have onlt just got up!! Got a driving lesson 12-2 then I have no idea what we are up to. I suppose the housework will need to be done!! Really need to keep the water up. Trying to have 3-4 litres today, only managed about 1.5 yesterday!! x x
Pebble I think you are right with the water intake, I only had about a litre and a half yesterday. So far today I've already had that so going to try to get another litre and a half in before I leave work tonight. Thanks for the advice :)
yep i am the same 1.5ltrs no probs any more and i am struggling i even have the flavouring and i know its the key to better loses :-(
Like you I'm struggling Kerry, I've never been a big water drinker x


please try again
well im about to half half a toffee bar ( mmmmmm)
need to work on the water, only had 500ml so far ( naughty me )
Hi Guys, well after my 2 weeks of messing around and gaining 4lb - I started back on ss yesterday, jumped on the scales and it seems I have already lost that 4lbs! But my scales may be different to CDC's (i haven't ever compared, but my guess is all scales are different - certainly hers are more accurate than mine, to the 1/4 lb!) I'm on target though - had my vanilla shake this morn, and have already gulped 1.5 litres water, plus 2 large mugs of black coffee. I'm feeling 'zingy' - hope I'll hit ketosis tomorrow :) I don't know about anyone else, but I have been spending an absolute fortune on weighloss magazines! Including WW, Slimming world and Rosemary Conley. I have started my 'up the steps' recipe book, where I have started doing daily menus for when I start moving up the steps. I have mostly found the Rosemary Conley recipes 'fit in' with the cd foods allowance. I also find the slimmer stories inspirational, although annoying - most of the time people are loosing 2stone and are having their stories published!!! I just wish the Cambridge Diet Magazine came out more often. I have subscribed to lighterlife magazine too, that I find is better/easier to read out of them all because it's 'quite' similar to CD. Hope you are all having a good day, Hugs x x x
Well add me to the water strugglers .... Im not a big drinker at all so the water is my main struggle on cd Im aiming for 2 liters at the mo ive only had 500ml and a cd shake ....

what are the flavour water powders like?? i need to be on cd 2 weeks before i try one ...what flavour do u reccomend??
what are the flavour water powders like?? i need to be on cd 2 weeks before i try one ...what flavour do u reccomend??
Personally the orange flavour one gives me a horrendous cough. I thought I was just coming down with something, but the moment I stopped it went away! I tried again a few months later and bang, I was coughing like a dog again! Strangely, the summer berry flavouring doesn't effect me at all - thankfully :) Hugs x x x
Morning ladies. Day 2 for me today.... again!

Little bit worried about being allowed to restart CD properly- at the minute I'm using up some old packs, but I'll run out of them by next Monday. I'm off to meet my new CDC on Sunday- I didn't get along with my old one and this one seems lovely. Problem is, my BMI is currently 41 so I should need a Dr's signature to start CD but my signed form is with my old CDC. I don't want to have to come off CD on Sunday and wait for my Dr to sign a new form (which took 3 weeks last time....) I am PRAYING that I can get below BMI 40 by Sunday but I'm not sure how likely that is.

Apart from that... I'm feeling pretty perky! Fed up of endless restarts that go nowhere, so I'm hoping a nice new CDC who I get along with will help. I've told myself this is the last time I'll try CD- think the pressure is helping me stay focussed. Had 1.5 litres already and a nice hot mint choc shake, can't wait to go buy more, I love them!

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