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Tuesday's Menus

Morning all, trying to get motivated today at work already and it is chucking it down in London right now!

Green day today because I didn't have time to plan!

B: Toast & marmite HE B x2, skinny sf vanilla latte HE A
MM: Run
MM: Protein shake HE A 2 syns
L: Asparagus risotto, steamed green beans
D: Pasta, sauce and quorn meatballs, salad

S: french fancy (x syns?) will need to look it up
E: Run
W: 3 litres

Have a good day!
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Morning Steph, I think they are 5 syns each. No rain in ireland as yet but its on its way :tear_drop:
Plan looks good steph, im doing a mix2max or whatever it is.....so far so good :)
Ack 5 syns!? I might need to have something else then! LOL

Just back from the gym so got veggie sushi 1/2 syn and fruit salad for lunch instead of the stodgy risotto. Felt I needed to eat something healthy! :)


Good for you honey! I know it's a pain with the snacking but some days it's easier for me to manage :)

I am allowed syns aren't i ?
And i can have, for instance a mullar light?

Ruthy xxx
Success Express again today (trying to un-do the weekend!):

B - 2 Weetabix and Milk (HE B and HE A)
L - Spaghetti (1/3) and Quorn Meatballs in Tomato Sauce (2/3). Leftovers!
T (for tea lol!) - BLT Sandwich (1/3 Bacon, 2/3 Lettuce and Tomato) (HE B)
D (for dinner!) - Steak and potatoes (1/3), Salad (2/3)

Ruthy - yes you can have your syns and anything free on both red and green is free on a Mix2Max day so Muller Lights are ok :D

Kelly x
Oh don't Louise, the pink ones are my faves, and when I went into starbucks this morning they are now selling pink only ones that are the size of 3 regular ones! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Mmmmm even better. Seriously though, if I bought a pack of French Fancies now, I could pretty much guarantee the would be none left by this time tomorrow. They are my biggest downfall, to the extent I can't even look at them in the supermarket anymore!!

Time to get help I think!! Hehe. x
:rotflmao:Lou Lou you crack me up .French fancies! i havent had one of them for donkeys years.

Keep away from them!!

im sending anti french fancy ---->:vibes:


THINK OF THE :scale:

Stick at it :whip:

Ruthy xxx

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