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two stone gone


its a long road

seriously ive lost 2 stone still feel huge :(:(

and if one more person says ""you can see it from your face"" i may cry as that means that they agree that still look as big as ever and maybe have just lost 2 stone from my face???????????????/

sorry but im feeling so so down about this!!!!
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Sorry to hear you're not feeling the effects of your FABULOUS weight loss...

Did you take your measurements when you first started? I found it a good way to see how much my body had changed, and that kept me going - very rarely could I see a difference just by looking in the mirror. If you didn't, do you have a piece of clothing that was tight or just fitted right when you started - I'm sure you'd see a difference if you went back to it now :)

You've got great results so far - keep at it!


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Well done on your amazing loss so far.
We all look at ourselves differently...
I look in the mirror and still see myself as I did before I started SW...I have lost weight and inches as my clothes are falling off me....
I don't think I look like I have lost weight on my middle, but I can see it in my face and neck area.
I think the area you want most to lose it from is the last area you will see any changes.
Don't be disheartened by people saying you can tell by your face, see it as a compliment.
You will change physically and mentally and you will see the results.....and like them...
Keep on hanging in there, you can do it and when people compliment you on your weight loss regardless of what area of your bosy, be proud of your achievements..

Good luck hun



Nojo on the YoYo
Think about putting that 2 stone back on and see how you feel. Try and emulate 2 stone somehow, like go to the bowling alley and get 2 14lb balls and try and walk around with them. That should make you feel better! :D


I am one of the 63336
HUGEST hugs.

Examine your body and you'll be surprised at what has appeared.

I can feel my wrists have shrunk. I can see the tendons in the back of my hands. My collar bone is starting to emerge. My double chin has changed shape a touch. Shoes that were slightly tight fit comfortably now.

I'm sure the reason people say they can see it in your face is because that is the part of you they 'see'. Maybe if you started walking about butt naked they'd comment on other parts of your body (although if you have the weather we've just had (hail storms) I wouldn't recommend it!).

You are doing fabulously, please don't feel so down xxx


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Okey dokey! Right, now go and get a tape measure and do your bust waist hips thighs biceps and knees. Have you got a digital camera? Then take photos front and sideways on! Do this every 4 weeks. Sort out all your clothes. Anything that's too loose, take to the charity shop, sell on ebay or give away. Have you got something that's too small? Then hang it up in your bedroom and use it as an incentive.
That's today sorted! Now when you lose weight it seems like you lose a thin layer from all over to begin with, as your weight goes down, every pound will take up a bigger space in your shrinking body (if that makes sense) so you will notice a bigger difference for a lesser loss. So everyone else is noticing you are losing weight, hence the face remarks!( Don't knock it I've lost 3 chins!) They aren't with you when you stand in front of the mirror! Because you look at yourself every day you won't be noticing the changes, but if you come across someone you haven't seen for 6 months they will be gobsmacked! An acquaintance of mine didn't remark on my weightloss on first seeing me until I told her I was doing SW because she was frightened that I might have been ill!
It will take time for your mind to acknowledge the difference in your body. Have you bought anything new in a smaller size? Get on ebay! I have filled my wardrobe with monsoon gear for very little money! My favourite Chinese waistcoat that was too tight last Xmas is now too big! :(
(I must learn how to sell on there!)
Trust me! As you lose more you will see the difference, but measuring will give you irrefutable evidence.
Well done on the weightloss so far, it will all be worth it in the end!
i think its hard to see it yourself as you look in the mirror and get yourself dressed everyday that you dont noice little changes, sometimes you also lose it in places you dont really look at, like i lost it off the bottom of my back/top of my bum.... the place i call my parcel shelf lol... thats difficult to see in the mirror xx
I know exactly how you feel. I have lost 3st and only 1 person (apart from the people who know I am doing SW) has noticed. The amazing thing was that the person who did notice was a man!

I know I have lost it though, and feel better for it - it could be that people aren't noticing because it is now winter and you are wearing more clothes?

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