typical, planned day off and i cant eat!


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So its my planned day off today, had my mum and 2 brothers round so there was them and my partner and 4 kids, woke up feeling ok, then an hour later was very sick, all ive eaten was half a roast potato! i cant face anything else, i have been layed on the sofa all day drifting in and out of sleep
bah humbug! :(
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Haha! Sorry hun, but it is kinda funny ... Not that you felt ill of course, but just that the CD gods have conspired against your planned day off ;) lol Either that or your subconscious mind must really want you to succeed on CD!

I have to say, saw your other thread on getting back in ketosis hours after being off-plan and I thought - oh wouldn't that be nice. But then today, it happened to me! I had planned today so that I could enjoy the traditional Christmas brunch with my family, then Christmas dinner. And hours after brunch (and after a lovely walk out in the snow) I tested myself and I was back in ketosis! Couldn't believe it!

Of course, feeling rather smug - and not having the CD gods prevent me going off CD tonight for my planned Christmas dinner - I couldn't resist the mashed potatoes my aunt served me, so here's hoping I can work myself back into ketosis tomorrow :)

In the meantime, I hope you're feeling better soon hun. I hope you aren't coming down with anything, and that you can enjoy the rest of the holidays with vigor :)