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Typo in Picalilli recipe?

Presumably the the two missing (but essential?) words on p. 71, instruction number 1, are "in water"? ie "Add the sea salt, toss to mix well and cover in water and leave to marinate overnight"?

I pondered for a bit cos obviously they'd still dehydrate even without water, but it is normal to do pickles in brine, no? Its about 30 years since I've pickled anything so thought Id best check.

Thanks lovelies! :)
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The salt will bring the water out of the vegetables (think about aubergine and courgette when you have to salt and leave them for a while before using in recipes, as it draws the water out), I can't wait to make this!! x
Yeah I see why the salt's required but it's normal to be in salty water ie brine right? Or do they actually want me to leave my veggies just encrusted in pure salt overnight?

The next paragraph starts "Drain and rinse the marinated vegetables" so presumably they were supposed to be sitting in salty water overnight, right?

Well I hope so, I gave up and just submerged them in a bowl. Ah Im sure they'll be OK...
Or I suppose if they were left encrusted in salt overnight and the water comes out that would be what I need to drain off?! Ah booga, wish it had occurred to me! If thats it Ive arsed it up, they are sitting in brine right now. What to do, what to do. Shall I chuck the water and roll 'em all up in pure salt overnight? Or will they be OK in brine :confused:
PS sorry for being a moron :eek: recipe not very clear tho :confused:


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Hi Ermintrude, the salty water is to give the vegetables that pickled, briney taste not necessarily to draw out water so it sounds about right to me. If in doubt google any picallily recipe to see if there's a similar method involved.
Yeah there's no water involved in the SW recipe, thats what was confusing me. All the recipes I can find on the internet say leave them in brine, the SW one is the only one that doesn't. I left them in just salt overnight and not much water has come out so I've just chucked them in a bowl of brine this morning and Ill leave them a bit longer, maybe pickle them this afternoon. Thanks everyone :)

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