Ulceritus colitus


Hi, I just wondered if anybody has any advice. I started LL this week and my husband, who is overweight, wants to do it too but we can't afford it. I have suggested CD and he is really interested the only thing is that he has ulceritus colitus which is inflamation of the colon. I am just worried that the doctor may not let him do this diet as it could affect his condition.
Thanks for the reply. I will let him read it when he gets home from work. This week feels like a month!! I cant wait for Tuesday when I will be entering week 2.
Your husband would most probably need to get his dr's signature before he could follow the plan, depending on any medication he is on. Has he spoken to his Dr about doing one of the programmes?
Hi D Q,

No he hasn't talked to his doctor yet. He is so pleased that am doing something about my weight and proud of me that I think he might be worried incase I get too attractive so he is trying to keep up!! lol........only joking!! He has always suffered with weight and he can't shift as much as he used to when he was a young lad. He finds it much harder now. Bless him thoough he came home from work last nught and went straight out for a run!!

He isn't a great talker and I have explained the whole couselling thing to him and he does not fancy it much but I think it is the only way. I am going to get him to ring his consultant tomorrow and discuss the diet. Who knows it might ease the symptoms of colitus!!

You may well be right there. I think if he speaks to his dr he has an idea whether it will be a problem or not, then he knows how he can proceed :D