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Unanswerable Question?

So I have a tricky question (I think).

In the beginning of February I have a work event where I will need to order some very nice clothing for because its not all that possible to find what I need locally.

That being said, I'm hoping to lose 15-20 lb in the month of January. Now I'm having a bit of a dilemma regarding how to go about ordering:

1) order the size that I wear now and try and find a seamstress to take in any additional inches - those are rare too, and expensive.

2) Wait until a week or two before and pay for rush shipping.

3) Guess that 15-20 lb will probably take me down at least one size and take a gamble that I'll be able to fit into the cloths in time! *yikes*

I need advise!
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well, forget the seamstress idea, its daft to buy the size you are now! and the cost is alot, also I find clothes never look as they should taken in!

I would either wait and pay extra for fast shipment, or order a size smaller at least.. depending on what it is you order and what kind of style it is you could get away with a smaller than normal size and get more wear out of it!



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I'd order a size smaller as well. Or perhaps you could get something like a wrap dress or a flapper style thing that you can either tie tighter (wrap dress) or isn't really fitted (flapper). Good luck!


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I would say the smaller size to as they say each stone lost should make you a dress size smaller. Good luck xx
Definatly get the smaller size! Then it will also give you abit of motivation to keep going :)


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From what I've seen, most people drop a size for every stone to stone and a half they lose, (14/21lbs as I'm guessing you don't work in stones!) so should be down a size by then, go for it! :) And good luck :)
Thanks :) My only challenge at this point is I'm kind of half way between sizes. My waist is a size bigger than my hips/bust. So its a matter of negotiations of sorts. I'll figure it out :)

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