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Unbelievable first weigh in...


I'm totally stunned!!! Firstly..I didn't start sole source til last Monday, was doing great...and secondly I've been really really ill with tonsilitis and haven't been on the plan since Wednesday..couldn't face any packs and haven't been able to drink hardly any fluids due to the excrutiating pain when swallowing. I've been to docs and have antibitoics now and with a little help (thanks sis!!) I made it to my first weigh in (second time on Sole Source, originally lost 4 stone, put 23 pounds back on.. grrr, my fault, didn't follow the plans) and after thinking I'd only lost about 3 pounds... I lost 17!!!! 17 pounds in 6 days!! Holy Macaroni I loves this diet!!! Which means I'm only 6 pounds off my lightest ever! The end is now definately in sight again which makes me feel fantasically motivated, which I'm sure any second time sole-sourcers appreciate, it's even harder to get back in the zone.

Now I appreciate I've been ill and that has tipped the scales a bit, but even so, it's a massive loss, I can feel it and it's made me feel a million dollars after feeling every damn pound I piled back on, I'm gonna follow my sister and defo stick to the plans, she looks amazing and so will I!!


Mares x x
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Serial Foodie!

very well done to u. doesnt matter why it came off...its off for good! :D


is gonna do it!!
That's a great loss for a week innit?
Bet your well pleased. Good for you my girl!!
Stick with it now...........


To infinity and beyond!
Wow, fantastic weight loss.

Hope you feel better now :)
Thats absolutely amazing, well done! Wahooo!!!!!!!!
Awesome, I am utterly speechless, WELL DONE!!!!!!!



Regular Member
Oh my goodness 17LBS!!!!!! WOW. That is amazing.


Silver Member

blardy fantastic xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Marvy! Well done xx


Likes being a girly girl
Blinkin heck that is truly amazing!!!!!! Well done you xxxx :D

Hope you are feeling better now the antibiotics have kicked in too, tonsilitis is absolutely awful! (((((hugs)))))

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