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Uncertainty... Stick with Atkins or move to WW.

Hi all...

I joined Weight Watchers today! Hmmm.

I'm a bit mixed up... Lipotrim 1st week - Atkins 2nd and 3rd week... I'm determined to lose the weight, but, don't know what to do.

Last Friday - 150.8kg... Monday - 151.8kg... Today - 150.2kg.

I am maybe a bit naive... or ignorant - but I wasn't really counting anything except carbs. Maybe I was still eating too much?

I just wonder if I would get on better with the points thingy...

Any suggestions?

Cheers - Brian.
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Atkins all the way, I think you'll be hungry on WW. Seems to me like you're doing well as you are.....

You should only need to count carbs on Atkins, though in some cases where ppl have stalled for a while ppl monitor all foods just to see what could be stalling them.
i think you need to make your mind up and stick to it,

all diets are great i the first week or 2 as its something new and your not bored, clearly, you get bored fast lol

you have to think of the bigger picture, diets fail when you become hungry...im never personally hungry on atkins...not tried others properly.


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Hi Brian

Like you I had great losses the first couple of weeks but since then it hasnt been so good. In fact weeks 3 and 4 were absolutely atrocious for me even though I stuck to the diet implicitly.

However, even though there are weeks I gain for no reason Im still losing between 8-10lbs a month which is all you can expect to lose on any diet and at least with Atkins you are completely reeducating your eating habits and dont get hungry. Thats why Im sticking with it anyway.

I think there's a lot of truth in what you're saying Missy - I'm not sure if it's boredom, but perhaps I still have to address / understand my relationship with food? Thisis probably the first time I've really thought seriously about losing weight... I've been heavy for about 25 years! There probably comes a point when I hit 'the wall'... I am still trying to see the last month as a positive start - OK, I'm unsettled regarding the actual method... but - I need to find something that will work for me... I may yet move on again, but it's part of the process that I've never tried before? So - I am going to try WW, not that this is any reflection on Atkins / Lipotrim, because I believe they work well. I can't know what will happen, but I see my BMI has dropped 2 points and I'm determined to reach my destination regardless of the route I take... Thanks for all the support and suggestions.
i know what you mean brian...ive been dieting for 15 yeRs or more so am starting to understand what works and doesnt....atkins does for me, i hope you come to find one that works for you too!!
Thanks - I've only just started this WW thing - and it is appealing to eat relatively what you want - including carbs - within the points allowance. However, I guess the real dilemma for me is that it elevates my sugar readings, considerably...
I tried WW it wasn't the right one for me I was always hungry Brian. I do believe however there is a diet out there for everyone mate. Good Luck.
Hi there - back on Atkins induction today... WW is OK - but - taking carbs again elevated my sugar... badly! So - I think I'll stay with Atkins.


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Well done Brian & good luck. At least you know your sugar won't go up AND you won't be hungry :)
That's because you are not a greedy pig like me Starlight. ;)

Hi Brian, welcome back mate.


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Hahaha Jim. Yep carbs are my downfall. I could eat enough pasta in one serving to feed a small Italian town :D
Thanks guys (and Gals) for the support... Weigh in is still Friday, it will be interesting to see how things have gone this week... Kinda weird but I had a packet of crisps (Monster Munch lol) and didn't really like them - used too? Although I do miss bread / rolls!


Getting there!!!
hi brian,think me n u have had the same rough time d last 3 weeks,i chopped and changed too,tried unislim for 2 days its exactly like ww and like you i got a high after i ate then crashed n each time a yog or bread passed my lips if fell asleep lol! think my sugar levels need to be looked into by my doc cause the only thing that keeps my cravings at bay is low carb! if i get a sweet tooth once a week i have berries and double cream or a packet of peanuts just keep them in your carb allowance thats all hun! hope your getting on ok so far! ;)
The thing is Brian, once you get into maint you can have the odd indulgence like bread. I had poached eggs on toast for breakfast this morning.

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