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Understanding triggers- Newbie post

Hello all,

I am a new user on this forum so I'll start with some background. I am currently on Cambridge Weight Plan SS. My goal is to loose 11stone 5lbs on this by December 2013 by doing the plan 100%. Currently, I am 21stone:( but that will soon change:D.

I was thinking about reflecting on my "food triggers" in order to break this habit. I know that I eat when emotional, excited, down, bored, hungry or when I see foods which I find very tasty. But also I sometimes experience an overwhelming feeling that can easily overpower me when faced with certain foods. No matter how much motivation I have, I still have difficulty overcoming that feeling and I am not sure what it is:sigh:. I was wondering if any of you experience that, and how you deal with that? How did you gain more awareness of your triggers, and what techniques have you used to overcome this....

I appreciate all your responses xx
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Hmm.......I am the same and have been thinking about this also. I remember a lady wrote on here once, saying the plan wasn't for her because it made her look at food as a reward and she didn't think that was right. For me, the opposite was true! The diet made me realise how little we need to function and to look at food as a source of fuel, rather than as something to have when I am bored, sad, angry, happy. I certainly like going out to nice restaurants and whenever we have something to celebrate we celebrate with food! For me, it is learning to do something else. This is my second time on CWP and the first time, I actually became pretty good at realising when I needed to have a bath/paint my nails instead of eating. I also celebrated in other ways; having a nice massage or a pamper treatment.

Since I came off plan I haven't been able to do that. There have been nights when I really haven't been hungry but I can't stop thinking about a particular food to the point where I HAVE to order it and then eat half of it. I always feel gross and disgusting afterwards.

The fact that you are thinking about this is a good thing; you are realising that it isn't just about not eating solid for for 12 weeks it is about the emotions and mentality behind it. I came off plan and gained back half so I am not going to tell you that I have any answers, because I don't. For me the motivation was wanting to look amazing for my 30th birthday party. And I did -I went from a tight 16 to a comfortable 12. Now I'm a 14 again. Now I am back, I am trying to work through this feelings myself. I guess its just a journey and we have to encourage each other.


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For me I don't think I have a trigger as such, I simply just love to eat, I love all food sweet and savoury, but my problem is I know when to stop I just don't want too, I know how bad eating 4 slices of toast is follows by crisps then chocolate then more crisps plus my actual meals, I tell myself all the time, right I'm not going to do that again that's it, then the next day I do it again, it's an addiction for sure, if only there was that switch which could be flicked so food was thought of a a fuel I would love to have one fitted, I have done this diet before and lost 7.5 stone but slowly some has crept back on, the sad bit is that all the old habits have to be broken again.

I'm on week 2 now and lost 13lb in my first week, but we will all get there in the end, I so loved being slimmer and want to feel like that again.

Good luck on your weight loss!!! :)
Thanks for your replies. Nikie, I wish I looked at the plan as something less "punitive" lol. It does make me realise that I can actually have self-discipline when leaving food for solids. The only issue the constant thoughts about certain foods, and the overwhelming feeling when faced with it. I will overcome it this time, I am certain of it. Its almost like an addiction, so hopefully the longer I will resist food related cravings the "triggers" I will have. Its a habit and I am sure it can be broken, but I am starting to realise the underlying issues with my relationship with food.

LIN123- I have been hoping someone would invent such a switch for years now loool. I am sure that if we really do resist the cravings, they will be less strong as time goes on. It's a bad habit and like all habits can be broken! WE CAN DO THIS

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