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unsure and need help :-(

I haven't been diagnosed with anything but have always suffered with swelling stomach, very irregular periods and hair growth but no Dr seems to help. I have have a scab before but basically was told I was to fat for them to see and was left like that. Very upset and still had no answer. I've been having pain the last 3 days in what I believe as my left ovary, I got concerned and went to the Dr today, he felt my stomach and said the pain was either my bowel or stomach?! He didn't have a clue and didn't offer to send me for other tests, instead he's treating me for bowel spasms and painkillers. I am a little concerned if I'm honest and obviously you all have more experience than some s**t Dr who doesn't even work at the surgery. X
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I'm on a mission!!!
Hi Princess, I was diagnosed with PCOS way back in 2004. I have always suffered from very irregular periods....that is IF I get one at all and if/when I do get one they are excruciatingly painful and extremely heavy.

My diagnoses was confirmed following 2 scans, one ultrasound and one internal.

I think you need to see another doctor and push for a referral to a gynae. You NEED to get this sorted!

Thank you for replying, I do believe its time to go back and demand a scan again. It was so painful last time though with a full bladder I cried the whole way through it.:-( Xx


I'm on a mission!!!
Poor you :( I can remember my full bladder scan, they were running late and I was sat waiting and waiting for my scan and I needed a pee so much it hurt, in the end I caved in and went for one. When I got back I drank as much as I could out the machine and still had to wait nearly half an hour for my turn!!

I know they are not nice and can be v.uncomfortable but look at it long term......you need to get it sorted so you can start feeling better and start sorting things out.

Do go back and start demanding. If nothing happens see if you can see a different doctor at the practice and really push for it.

All the best and keep us updated. xxx
Thank u :) going to try and make an appointment Monday and ask to see a different doctors, hopefully they will refer me, fingers crossed!! X x
hiya princess,

you are well within your rights to ask for a second opinion if you wish, if you are still worried and believe different to what the doctor says then definitely ask to be referred to a gyne xxx
I've decided to leave it a little bit the pains going each day but I'm writing it all down so hopefully be able to monitor if its around when I'm due on... I've had a tough week eating wise and gained 2.5lb at WI tonight :-( you never no it could be all due to my periods... hmmm I don't no :-(
Hi Princesskim

Hope you dont mind me adding to the thread - I have PCOS and was diagnosed in 2005 it really is a pain in the bum sometimes!

Your symptoms to me would suggest that you may have PCOS but a few easy checks through bloods and an ultrsound on the ovaries will confirm.

I had to push and push to get any of the above , as my female hormones where ok I was brushed off by many a doctor and told I was 'ok' the most I ever got was dianette and some vaniqa.

I then found a doctor that check my male hormones and guess what! yep my testostorone was off the scale which is a big sign of PCOS , I went private and paid for an ultrasound and that confirmed there was little cysts all over my ovaries!

Since then I have managed to get into an endo clinic in my local hospital where they check my bloods and try various different things to help wth the horors of facial and body hair , weight and irregular periods!

If you ask your doctor to do some blood tests on your male and female hormones hopefully this will put you at ease and you will be closer to knowing if you are a Cyster or not :)

I wish you well.. Your weightloss is fantastic!

Lots x
Thank u lots, I do want to sort it just focussing on my tonsills at the moment as finally I'm getting them removed! Woo hoo so excited!! X x

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