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This is really the time!
Hi Jaxmummy. My old team mate!! So, you are thinking of defecting like me?lol....The best thing to do is read Jim's sticky at the top of this discussion board. It gives you the low down on Atkins. Also, google low carb forums. There are some that have forums for nearly every low carb plan out there. I find the best thing to do is read what plan would suit you best, e.g:

Dr Charles Clark and Maureen Clark High Protein
South Beach
Protein Power

There are many more. But, those are the main ones I can think of. I started of on Charles Clark, but have been following the Atkins principles (I have read both books cover to cover).

Nice to see you here Jax. I hope some of what I have said has helped. Feel free to ask anything. Jim, the low carb Guru will no doubt be about in the morning. He can usually answer most questions. Especially Atkins related :)


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Hi Guys im like you jaxmummy new to low carb

Have just lost 7 stone on cambridge, and have a little further to go, i have come off the plan (Money matters) but for the moment still have 1 shake a day, but for my other 2 meals trying to low carb any suggestions would be welcome to help get me going in a healthy way, Thanks guys
Hey lin love!! Hope you're well? Pop over to the atkins forum, we have a thread whereby we post what menu's people are having.. I also have a diary on there where i note everything down - food, how i'm feeling etc. I found it helped me in the early days on how to work out carb content etc. On atkins induction we aim to stick to 20g net carbs per day. I use the atkins website to help me out here's a link Acceptable Foods List The website may also help you if you're not planning on moving totally over to the atkins way of life/eating.. the carb counter's pretty easy to use.. You just have to get out your head the normal way of dieting because there's no calorie or fat counting to be done! It takes a while to get used to but it works :)


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Hey sophs nice to hear fro you again, cnt believe we have both defected lol. Just need a change feel so bloated all the time especially on green days, gonna have a mooch round now x How are u finding it


This is really the time!
Posted a great reply and my internet messed up and I lost it lol

I felt painfully bloated too! I am loving this way of eating. I do not crave chocolate or biscuits (or bread, rice, pasta!), So I am bound to lose weight lol
Hoe did I miss this post? Oh well, I hope you are reading up.


This is really the time!
How did the low carb Guru miss a post?! You are slacking Jim!
I know, I think it's confusing having 2 low carb forums.


This is really the time!
I know!! I think they should be joint!x

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