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Recovering Cookie Addict
Hi folks sorry not been around, got an emotional crisis going on right now and am nursing a broken heart :(

Just wanted to say I have about 10 weeks left til I reach my goal I think but given the situation with my ex money is very tight. I've therefore bought a month of Exante and am going to use the products alongside LT, mostly for variety, might make the last phase bearable lol

I'll be staying here though, I'm mostly doing LT so hope noone minds.

Due to broken heart I've not been hungry and so been 100% all week, yay! It'll be interesting to see how that reflects at weigh in, although I did weigh a day early last week so gotta factor that in.

I'm still here, lurking, reading, just not joining in quite so much. Hopefully normal service will resume shortly x

EDIT: the broken heart and the ex are unrelated. I'd not take that lying cheating excuse for a man back if you promised me the body of <insert beautiful curvy sexy woman here> :)
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Cookeh I’m so sorry your having a tough time at the moment - it’s amazing you’ve been 100% and you should feel really proud of yourself! I know I haven’t been on here very long but feel free to rant and that! Also I’m sure you’ll do amazing using both programmes! It would be great to hear how your getting on too.

Take lots of care!



Recovering Cookie Addict
Thank you Willow. Under normal stress my eating is first to go bad but when its a broken heart I just instantly lose my appetite. I am still proud though, just hard to feel it through the pain right now :(

Good luck on LT!


Never Ever Give Up!
Sorry to hear about your broken heart cookeh, hope you will feel better soon xxx
Hey girlie, big hugs to you, sorry about ur broken heart babes xoxox
Hi Cookeh
Sorry about your broken heart, but it's really positive that your still focussed about your weight. Well done.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Oh poor Cookeh. You were in such top form last week and now so downhearted. Hope you will be back to your old self soon.


Recovering Cookie Addict
Thank you ladies. It's my own fault really, I've been harboring feelings for an online overseas friend of 3 years and in my infinite wisdom told him I loved him by email. It didn't go down well. I've barely heard from him since and the not knowing is breaking my heart, not to mention signs for reciprocation aren't good. He indicated he'd reply this weekend, we'll see. Until then I am unable to stop myself imagining the worst.:(
Cookeh, I'm so sorry you are feeling like this. Hope he does reply this weekend and tell you what an amazing person you are or he is a fool. It's not fair to keep you hanging around. Hang in there hun and we are always here for you x x


Recovering Cookie Addict
Thank you Shaz, very kind of you to say so. Distance is probably going to ruin it all. Some people just aren't able, or ready, to take a leap of faith in love.
Cookeh, sweetheart......you're looking good and starting to believe in yourself so believe this....you don't need a long distance lover, he won't keep you warm at night! Get yourself out there, ring up some girlfriends, bung on some slap and have a Saturday night on the pull! Believe me, there are plenty of guys out there just dying to meet you so don't waste any more time on one who's thousands of miles away!

Big smile and red lipstick......simples!


Recovering Cookie Addict
Not that easy Sandra. 1. I'm already hooked on this guy and 2. I don't have any girlfriends to go out with. I don't have any friends, or family, closer than 220 miles. They're all online. My situation isn't conducive to meeting new people either. Can't work, no existing contacts to meet others, zero money to go out. I wish it was that easy, I'd be doing it! Meh...


Recovering Cookie Addict
Aarrgghh!!! Just when I thought things couldnt get any worse my ex husband tells me he's stopping have his money paid in for the bills and that he wants to see my finances and decide what he will and wont support me with. This is because he's moved in with his gf and I said I wasnt ready to finalise my divorce yet.

I'm torn up inside, I really cannot cope with this as well, I am seeing my lawyer on Monday but til then there's nothing I can do but worry and wait to hear from him re the bills. My overseas friend is being very supportive right now, I so wish I could be with him, this is killing me :(


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Sorry if this sounds out of order but why dont you work?

Then you would be able to support yourself and not rely on your ex, it would also give you the opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and get yourself out and about so you can start living and actually meet real men. Something doesnt sound quite right about your online friend.

The only person you can rely on in this life is yourself. You make your own present and shape your own future hun.

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