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Oh Kels what happened?


Bring on the trumpets
Awwww....I am really sorry Kel (((((((big hugs)))))))))

sharon kim

Silver Member
oh kels thats such a shame are you ok
we've just had a really long tak and he says he needs space and time to figure things out.

so thats it, i dont know if its forever

but im hurting like hell
Aww, I'm really sorry to hear that Kels. I know that nothing we can say will really make you feel better but you know we are all here for you. xxx
i just cant believe its happened....:cry:
I'm hun I'm sorry :( Just know we are all here for you xxx
Could it not just be pre wedding nerves? Maybe in a few days he will sort his head out & change his mind. I know it's not much comfort at the moment but give him a little time. This doesn't have to be the end for the two of you. x


Full Member
Oh Kels honey, I'm so sorry :( He really sounds messed up....why did he organise wedding early and then call it all off????? I'm sorry thats not helping you, I'm sure that and more is going around your head. You poor Love I wish I could be with you....we're here if you need us, I'm on day and night as you know. Maybe you will sort it out but if not...his loss is someone elses gain XXX
we spend the last 3 hours talking, about everything

i really dont think theres any going back

i feel physically sick right now:(

sharon kim

Silver Member
you need to do whats best for you in time it will all work out for the best could be just nerves stuff at work might be getting to him just see what happensx
how do things go from been so great to so **** in such a short space of time:sigh:


Always Struggling...
Awww......really sorry to hear that, Kel. :(

I don't know what to say....we are here if you need us.

I hope things get better for you soon. :)

sharon kim

Silver Member
things happen that we dont expect when we least expect them too do you think you will be able to sort things out
i really dont think so, i pray to god that we do but things feel so final.

i dont think we will:(

sharon kim

Silver Member
have you said when you will met up and talk again to see how you both feel


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Do you think that maybe he rushed into bringing the wedding forward and is now thinking...oh sh** what did I do that for? Maybe he just feels nervous...did he say he'd ring you or anything?
no, he just dropped me off at my mums house, im just going to leave him till next week. we need to sort out things but he'll contact me when hes ready.

i cant face everything serious atm.


Bring on the trumpets
Give it a day or two...thing might be different......xxxx

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