upset but should i be


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i think this may be a little vain but it was my works xmas do last night and being so big i am very camera shy. I thought i did well but just found out my friend has got some and put them on facebook. I dont see anyone from my past around as i moved but i always thought they would just imagine me the same (size 10) now there are these heffer photos of me and in gutted. My friend dont see the problem as they know me and like me for me but i cant help being upset. Am i being vain
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i can understand u feeling that way hun. i have had a few issues with pics that are not really ones i am happy with, so i have untagged myself, but unfortunately theres not much else you can really do. i don't think you're being vain.... but really if you dont see these people anymore and you're unlikely to again, does it really matter what they think??



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No I don't think you're being vain - there were people who have photos of me on there and I've untagged myself but I really was so glad when that person took them down.

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people should not publish photos unless they have asked permission....this happened to me with a works do and it was a HR person who loaded them up and I made her take them all down. Not that I looked awful but she hadn't asked permission and I keep my work life and my personal life very seperate.


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hey - don't think you're being vain at all.......people really shouldn't post pics of others unless they have permission....

don't beat yourself up - you have done really well...keep on keepin on :):):)


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The main thing is that you are doing something about something that bothers you.
Next Christmas you will be proud to be in front of everyones' viewfinder and to be on Facebook
It was a photo that gave me that final kick and made me do CD. The photo of me, has made me stick to CD 100% and made the whole road to weight loss, easy and wanted and long overdue.
I would have been upset to see that my friend excluded me from her photos, as true friends don't judge each other on looks. Don't be angry at her.


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thanks guys 4 all ur replys