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Utterly Disgusted!! anyone any ideas?


I am NOT too happy at all!!!!


Last week in chemist, they couldnt find my sheet so the girl wrote out notes of what i lost and put for other girls... then again this week, sheet still not there & no details...

she has me totally confused, i dont know what i have lost.. and TO MAKE MATTERS WORSE! She said ive stayed the same???
on week 2???
wtf?? seriously, I feel like eating and saying to hell with it all.. but I cant as i have a wedding next weekend.. I asked her about refeed and she hadnt a clue...

At an all time low.... according to my own records i should have lost at least 4lb....

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oh dear...not good at all. my pharmacy give me a card and log my results on that as well as a sheet. also i think they should me putting the info on computer to send to LT. cos they monitered. a may be wrong tho.

i keep my card in my purse, maybe you could just keep a piece of paper an keep it logged on there. but you should't have to do their job for them.

keep at it, it must be hard when you have to deal with numptys.


plodding away
Not good at all. Please dont let it put you off, you will only regret it later and you are doing well.

I would def complain when you go back or even telephone to complain so they can sort it out ready for your next weigh in. You are paying for a service as well as the foodpacks so are entitled to a better level than you have got so far.

Keep smiling, dont let them get you down.

I'm sorry to hear that!! Not all the Pharmacies offering LT are particularly impressive. I know mine aren't! She doesn't know who I am after over three months & doesn't weigh me or check anything (I could be dying for all she knows!!). I weigh myself at home on a set day, I know it's not ideal, but maybe you should try doing that instead from now on?

Also, they are supposed to be monitoring you & running a service, so complain to Lipotrim, that might help you get some of your frustration out & you never know, they might sort them out a bit!

Don't be discouraged though - even if the pharmacists are rubbish, the diet itself works :) The information from the re-feed sheet is on the re-feed section of the forum too if they can't organise that for you!

Good luck :)


Thanks for your reply kezzer and vanda..

kezzer... dats a good idea.. they do it with ww..why not LT. I'll ask about that..

You are right, I think i will complain on monday when the normal girls are on... I think I get the saturday girl... still very disheartening going in every week and trying to guess your weight... (what you started off at, what you lost last week, what bmi you are at this week..etc..) as well as paying €65 for no advice or weigh in....

thanks again
You should definitely be getting a record card keeping a log of every weigh in. Demand one next week (nicely, of course)

I keep track myself in a separate notebook as well. However, you should really only go off the official scales, rather than your home ones as they are bound to weigh differently.

tis frustrating when they don't always know where the paperwork is, I sympathise with that, and it's disappointing to have stayed the same - but if you keep on with it 100% then you WILL lose weight, you can't NOT lose on LT.

Keep it going.

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