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  1. RachaelI15

    RachaelI15 Well-Known Member

    Who is your favourite vampire mine has to be spike from buffy the vampire slayer
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  3. kikaroo

    kikaroo Well-Known Member

    Eric from True Blood - I love him! :eek:
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  4. Jodyray

    Jodyray Well-Known Member

    Oooh this is a difficult one there's so many! Hmmm I have to choose Eric too based on recent times but from my youth it would be kiefer in lost boys x
  5. Jodyray

    Jodyray Well-Known Member

    In fact I have changed my mind already lol how could I forget the most gorgeous vampire ever, DAMON SALVATORE from vampire diaries..........mmmmmm yes please :heartpump::heartpump:
  6. mammy carole

    mammy carole Active Member

    Jodyray I'm with you on that one Damon all the way can't wait for it to come back on to get my weekly fix lol x
  7. Aaliyah in queen of the damned.

    Although Kiefer was fantastic in Lost Boys, brilliant movie.
  8. Colleen32

    Colleen32 Member

    Edward from twilight :D
  9. danniellea

    danniellea Well-Known Member

    Brad Pitt in interview with a vampire I think :)
  10. Theresab

    Theresab New Member

    Got to be Eric
  11. Princess_Ruthy

    Princess_Ruthy Well-Known Member

    Hmmm.. Mick st John, moonlight x
  12. bloodcoveredprincess

    bloodcoveredprincess Get Fit - Enjoy Life!

    The one who works at my doctor's surgery..... Nurse Feratu
  13. Zafira

    Zafira Well-Known Member

    Christopher Lee in the 'old' vampire films :)
    Have got the box set of twilight...but still haven't watched them yet!
  14. Wannabeaminime

    Wannabeaminime Well-Known Member

    Damon & Stefan from tvd, bet them both in rl and they are sooo gorgeous x
  15. daisy-janine

    daisy-janine Active Member

    Has to be Damon and Stefan from VD!
  16. Kimbers

    Kimbers Well-Known Member

    The ultimate has to be Eric in True Blood, I adore Spike (Out. For. A. Walk...*****!!!?) and Damon is seriously gorgeous but I'm a Northman girl. He can fly, he's 6'4" and he is Mr Skarsgard...Ooft. I love book Eric too.
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  17. Rawrrr1987

    Rawrrr1987 Active Member

    Ok, I'm torn between Angel from Buffy and of course Damon and Stefan.

    But when it comes to the crunch, I think I'd much prefer to be the filling in a Salvatore sandwich!! (I start to get all overly excited and my throat makes this high pitched squeal when I think about that).

    Strangely seem to prefer Jacob over Edward even though I'm a vamp *****!

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  18. monkeytheory

    monkeytheory Well-Known Member

    How can I choose, will always love Christopher lee but I do have a soft spot for the being humans Mitchell and Hal :)
  19. malteasers

    malteasers Well-Known Member

    I totally agree maybe more for Damon thou hes just mmmmmm.
  20. Zafira

    Zafira Well-Known Member

    I love 'Christopher Lee' too, the 'original' vampire :D
  21. cactus

    cactus Well-Known Member

    Tom Cruise in Interview with The Vampire, but just because he's cool, I'm not gay lol

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