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Vanilla packs

i turn my vanilla shake in to 4 coffee's.
i just shake a quarter of the powder in to a coffee mug, add a tablespoon of cold water and however much coffee you like depending on strong or weak! mix the powder in the cold water to make like a mousse thick substance then add hot water while stirring. yum :D
I tend to add 300 ml of cold water and then add a teaspoon of coffee and some sweetner, it makes the shake the thick, nice and thick! Tasha xx
I used to just make the pack up as normal with a hand blender, either using cold or boiling water, wether i fancied it hot or cold. Adding the coffee before the water.

Sometimes also used to spread the pack over the day and have a few, making a normal coffee and adding a bit of the sachet.

Both ways work fine and taste nice! xx
excellent thread!!! is there any way of making them in to icecream by freezing them??
The Strawberry shakes are really nice frozen, you can buy the lollipop moulds in the supermarkets and they are so easy to make. It makes a change when you want to try something different. If you put a teaspoon of coffee in the Vanilla shake, mix it and then put into the lollipop mould it comes out tasting like Cappuccino ice cream!! Tasha xx
oh thats not so good then - i dont want to risk anything. thought it could jazz them up a bit! havent started yet though!
I know a lot of people that have been on this diet and have frozen the shakes or turned them into mousse, and they have still had significant weight losses, I would not suggest that any one does it on a regular basis, but i am sure on the odd occasion it would not do any harm, and if it stops you craving something that is bad, i.e., icecream, or chocolate, it surely cant be bad! Tasha x
Well its not going to affect your losses but it could mean youre not getting everything you need from the shakes, at the end of the day its up to people what they do but just wanted to mention it incase it was seen to be a good idea to do it all the time.

I think with a diet like this you need as much info as possible, there just isnt the same flexibility in it as there are in other diets
Completely agree with you Starlight, but on the odd occasion and i mean odd, when it stops you reaching for a pudding it can be a alternative. I agree information is key and that is why i love this site Tasha x

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