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Veg box green days diary

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by cobumblemum, 13 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. cobumblemum

    cobumblemum Member

    Hello! This is my first time trying to write a diary. I am hoping it will help me keep on track!
    I lost 3 stone on slimming world three years ago but have since put it all back on and more :(

    Last time I used flexible syns and had a mini binge on wine, crisps and chocolate every Saturday night. I think that is why I put it all back on later, because I was still seeing wine, crisps and chocolate as a comfort. This time I am going to try to use my syns on a daily basis! I am also trying to cut out sugar because I do think it is addictive!

    I am also trying to do it on a budget. I get a veg box delivered every week and am also trying to make sure I use it all up, without ending up spending all my free time in the kitchen! I am a vegetarian so green days suit me best.

    It would be great if someone can tell me if I have done this right, as I am not going to start going to group for another week or two. I am not sure about my syns today...

    So today I have had:

    Breakfast: banana

    Lunch: homemade lentil and vegetable soup with a Tesco big cheese roll. (Does the roll count as my healthy extra?)

    Dinner: slow cooker vegetable curry and brown rice made with mixture of root veg, onion, cans of tomatoes, curry powder, cavalo nero and a can of Amoy reduced fat coconut milk.

    Drinks: Black coffee and water

    Snacks: apples and a celery stick.

    How many syns for the coconut milk? The can is split between about 10 portions (I am going to freeze it in portions).

    Thank you for any help x
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  3. cobumblemum

    cobumblemum Member

    Day 2

    Breakfast: banana

    Lunch: lentil and vegetable soup (homemade from yesterday) with bread roll (HEB)

    Dinner: Dragonfly tofu mushroom and garlic burger, mashed potato made with milk (HEA), carrots, cabbage and gravy (1 syn)

    Snacks: apples

    Drinks: black coffee and water.

    Think tofu burger must have syns, but no idea how many!

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