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Vegan anyone?

Hastalavegan is but shes not got internet at the moment coz shes just moved house. Elizabeth also is a vegan, but I havent seen her post for a little while, although that might be me being blind rather than her not posting.

I know Hastalavegan has found it quite easy doing SW and being vegan. She has been doing a lot of green days and has also been experimenting with red days, and getting pretty good results :)
Ummmm if youre a vegan how do you do red days!?!?!


My belly this will be!
I love fruit and veggies so it is not difficult for me but I am amazed at how much I can eat and still lose weight. I must say that I thought it madness that I would eat all that I wanted last week and still lose weight but the remarkable has happened and I have! Now I think that it was just a glitch and it won't happen again. Doubting thomas! Going to give it a really good shot tho. I don't have loads to lose but the stone and a half I do want to lose has been very very persistent. I like to think that the stuff I learn will become part of my life and not just a means to an end and then a yoyo.
It's all very well if it works - to know that you can drop the weight - but that almost makes it harder if you gain the weight back again to motivate yourself - because you can delude yourself and think I am ok and I can lose it any time if I want to. Rambling sorry.
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You can do red as a vegan as on Red days things like TVP and Tofu are red choices.
Ahhhhh! Lexie im really not being very bright tonight!!! I started to wonder if vegan ate meat but not dairy.....time for bed?
I know! Thays why a red day confused me!


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BUt TVP & tofu etc are also free on green, so what's the difference/advantage for a vegan to do red? Only asking as I don't eat meat (I do eat fish once in a blue moon) and I've always assumed there'd be no point or way for me to do red?


I would assume its just to make sure you are avoiding or weighing your carbs?

Other than that I have no idea
BUt TVP & tofu etc are also free on green, so what's the difference/advantage for a vegan to do red? Only asking as I don't eat meat (I do eat fish once in a blue moon) and I've always assumed there'd be no point or way for me to do red?
Well it minimises the carbohydrate intake, so if you are the sort of person who carbs seem to stick to, it can be a good way to shake up your body and possibly get better losses. There are so many good vegan / veggie substitutes these days, the red plan is perfectly do-able.


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Aaaahhh, gotcha. Must have been having a mind blank :)
I knew reds were' do-able' for veggies, I just couldn't think why you'd bother! lol
I am a vegan and have been following the plan with sucess. I have only done green days so far but i have been thinking about trying some reds as i do have a tendency to eat loads of carbs and i think cutting down on them sometimes might help my losses.
I'm not vegan, but I am long-time vegetarian, dairy-free, and quite intolerant of eggs (so try to avoid them).
I've followed Green exclusively, and have had good losses (2st in 4 months so far). Perhaps if my weight loss slows down/stops, I'd look at trying to incorporate EE days, but I'm more than happy with my progress for now.
I'll be watching your progress with interest
- just BELIEVE - in yourself, and in the plan.

Hi hon, I went vegetarian when I started on the plan, and became a vegan 10 months ago. I've found it no problem at all, although I'm firmly a 'green day' girl, never tried doing a red. :D

I think as long as you're remembering to fill up on lots of veg rather than relying all the time on rice and pasta, you'll find your losses are fine. Pulses are a vital source of protein for vegans, and you should be trying to include small portions of nuts as well for that reason - brazil nuts and walnuts are best for vegans as they supply Omega 3 and 6 fats that we don't otherwise get in our diet. Some of the members with the books should be able to tell you about 'Healthy Extra' portions for nuts. :)

I've virtually lived on carbs since I switched to the SW way of eating, but I choose 'good' carbs, ie the wholewheat versions of pasta, rice and bread rather than white.

One thing you might have to be a little careful of if you cook all your own meals from scratch is your fat content - lots of people lose weight when they first go vegan because they don't realise they're cutting out fat! You're already doing that with the SW plan, so if you don't eat processed foods that contain fat, make sure you get a little olive oil in your diet most days. We need good fats to lose weight and keep us functioning properly. A tablespoon of olive oil counts as a Healthy Extra, and can be used to cook your meals or added to salads and things.

Hope that helps, anything else you want to know just PM me! :)
I just thought I'd flag up this new HEB on Green - might be useful for us:

Linwoods Milled Flaxseeds, Cocoa & Berries 1 level tbsp = B choice on Green

Elizabeth, if you have any suggestions as to how I could incorporate these into my meals, I'd love some help!

Minx told me about this thread so thought I would pop in. I've found being vegan on SW really, really easy. It's not been too much different to how I used to eat, but I can already begin to see where I went wrong. I never used to measure oil and used it in everything, I ate a lot of flour and generally ate too much of the wrong thing whilst thinking I was healthy because it was vegan. Just try not to fall into this way of thinking and you'll be fine.

I've found that I have better losses when I do vegan red days. For these days I generally make tofu scramble, vegan frittata, spicy mince, chilli and bolognese to fill me up on proteins with lots of added veg. I think it's better for me when I measure out my carbs. It's usually more convenient for me to do green days though so when I cut back I stick to things like dal and curry and try to control my carb intake a wee bit by skipping the rice.

I recommend getting hold of some nutritional yeast, which can be found in independent health food shops, GNC or online. It has a nutty, cheesy taste and is packed full of B vitamins (although it does not include b12). It is pretty low syn as you never use it in huge amounts and it's great for making mac n cheeze or just for giving you a cheesy flavour on top of pasta and soups. Try incorporating flax, hemp or walnuts for your omegas but bear in mind that once flax oil is heated up it is nutritionally useless. I hate it in its raw form so generally stick to flaxmeal and seed, which can be sprinkled on to cereals or fruit.

Oh, and Fry's traditional sausages are syn free. Look rank, but it's worth it :D

Hope this helps, feel free to check out my food diary, the link is in my sig


My belly this will be!
Oh thankee lovely ladies - just got back from cycling in orkney and eating lots of junk. So glad to be back and eating lots of fruit and veggies again. Strangely the oil thing is really interesting as I have found my skin a bit dry and I was wondering about including some fat. I need to include some nuts as well but perhaps not on the same day as the fat. :eek:

I am not really a mixer so the group thing is not such a good idea for me and also I work for our small family business and inevitably do 11 to 12 hour days so it would be difficult to fit in.

I bit the bullet today and have joined the online slimming world and have learned a lot immediately purely from using the syn calculator - I know how many syns are in my plain - but not low fat yogurt now and also how many in the soya cream I used in the curried apple and parsnip soup I made this evening - yum!

Does anyone have the book with all the syn values in it - I forget what it is called now. I am wondering if it is worth buying - it won't be if the values I am looking for in vegan items are not listed. I tried the soya cream and the soya yogurt in the online search but neither appeared so I measured by the nutrition values on the packs. Thanks again for your support - much appreciated. Kisses all round! :kissass:

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