Veggie- green or extra easy?


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Hiya, I'm joining a sw group next Thursday. I briefly joined last year but only managed two classes due to childcare issues.

Anyway, I'm just doing a shopping list and am wondering whether to do extra easy or green days. My hubby is going to do it with me and does eat some meat. I'm thinking it may be easier to do extra easy so we are both on the same plan

Whats the mean difference between the two plans as a veggie? Is it just the extra a & b options?

Many thanks xxx
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Helllo there, i'm a veggie and i do green, mainly because its spot on perfect for me really and also the extra HEXa and b help it along too. Also you can chop and change with EE and perhaps some days you cna both do green(as i think they allow meat and fish as a healthy extra on green so your other half can have meat then) and others switch to EE


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I'm a veggie too and doing the green plan... the only difference I thought doing EE would make was that I'd have only one a and b rather than two. As I won't be having meat I want 2 of each!!


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There doesn't have to be a huge difference, to be honest. For EE you only get 1HEa and 1HEb, but, then, alot of what you might use as a HE are free on EE anyway (fish, meat). On EE you're strongly advised to have 1/3 superfree (so that's not potato, parsnip, sweetcorn, peas, beans....).

I also don't eat meat, and until recently was on 100% green days. I've now started playing with EE, as some days I don't use all 4 of my HEs anyway, and I [almost] always eat WAY over 1/3 SF, so those days I class as EE instead. It means I can have some fish, if I fancy it, and it makes me think about what to have 'with' things - so I don't rely on pasta, rice and potatoes all the time. Not a bad thing at all :)


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I am veggie and do 100% GREEN. I do eat fish so will sometimes have a piece of fish as a HEB. As a veggie i dont see a lot of point in doing EE unless you are going to make use of eating lots of fish.

I am going to have my 1st EE day on monday as i am planning to use quite a bit of fish on monday for my valentines tapas meal. but on the whole stick to green


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Not only do you get more HEs on the green plan but there is a wider choice of HEBs


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Thanks everyone for your replies. Sounds like green days are the best option especially as I don't eat fish either.

Looking forward to getting started.

Thanks again xxx