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veggie newbie

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by quickcluck, 21 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. quickcluck

    quickcluck New Member

    Hi guys...

    Thinking about joining SW... I know that it's Red and Green days, but as I veggie I'm assuming that i'd to Green days only. How does that work? Doesn it mean you live on potatoes and pasta? Where does the protein come from? Does it fit in easily with every day life?

    Thanks in advance..:eek:
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  3. Kingy

    Kingy Member

    Hello :) I am too and do eat a lot of carbs!! But also quorn and tofu. It's not too bad :) good luck!!
  4. Kingy

    Kingy Member

    Ps also a lot of beans lentils etc. it's really easy - go for it!
  5. PatchworkPuss

    PatchworkPuss Gold Member

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    You can do any plan as a veggie but yes Green is probably the best one. I'm vegetarian and do green but throw in the odd red day every now and then. And no I don't live on pasta and potatoes, I probably only have them once or twice a week to be honest. There are so many free foods why just stick to those two lol. You can have all sorts of rice, pulses, lentils, noodles and grains as well so lots of scope for variety.

    Protein would come from eggs, quorn, soya, tofu, pulses, lentils and grains.

    It's very easy as it's just normal eating and all the foods we should eat as vegetarians can be eaten freely without weighing or measuring :)
  6. As a matter of interest, as you are already a vegetarian where are you getting your protein from now? It would be the same, although depending on what you usually eat you might need to choose lower-fat alternatives. Plus of course lots of vegetables.
  7. jogirl

    jogirl Silver Member

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    The Green plan is brilliant for vegetarians. The vast majority of the foods that my meals were based on before are Free (tofu, Quorn, beans, pasta, rice, potatoes). Bulgar wheat, couscous and quinoa are all Free too. Soya mince is Free and cheaper than Quorn.
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