Very embarrassing - too much water??


has lying hips
So last night, I wet the bed!!! :eek:

I'm turning thirty bloody four this week... :mad:

I haven't done that since I was in nursery school!!

I can't quite believe it to be honest... I'm thinking that maybe I need to cut down on the water - but I don't really want to, I'm always thirsty - I'm going WAY past the 4 litres a day thing! It doesn't matter how much I concentrate it into the first part of the day I still seem to always need to go throughout the night!!

The only saving grace is that it was basically pure water!

Is Tena lady my only hope.... :confused: :D
were you dreaming about anything at the time?

the reason I ask....omg I am going to make an embarrassing confession! Once in my 20's (pre-children I may add) I was dreaming I was swimming in a waterfall, and I woke up mid-pee......

Hopefully just a one off for both of us!

I try to finish my drinking by around 8pm or I need to get up lots through the night.

It's probably just a one off.

I was a bedwetter when I was younger:eek: As mags said, I used to dream about it.

Sometimes I would dream I was actually going to the toilet and then....hey happened :(

You probably just went into too deep a sleep.
I say it was a one off. I have done this too. I have a reoccuring dream. I am looking for a loo.....but everywhere is too busy, too dirty or there is no door on the cubicles and on and on until I wake up and am bursting to go...........ONE NIGHT I FOUND THE PERFECT LOO and had to push my poor DH out of bed in the middle of the night to change the sheets etc..........morto !


When my boyfriend is drunk he'll wee anywhere.

He did it on my clothes on the floor one night, the ba****rd!

Now I have to keep things above waist height..

So at least yours was in the bed :)
See I wouldn't mind if I'd at least had the pleasure of getting pi$$ed in the first place.. but honestly.. with my current levels of virtue such nasty things should not happen to me!! :mad: :D

I can remember the dream very well - I was at a festival with my mates and searching and searching for a toilet and eventually found one that I had to squat over because it was so horrible...

Poor gaijinboy... :D :D