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Very interested in Slimming World, but Dont Know anything about it ?!?!?!


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hey girlies and ???guys???
i have just had a scrummy little boy, but he is 11weeks now and i still have a mummy tummy which i hate, i have always been a "big" girl and very self consious, so this even worst body is getting me down. i am a very very fussy eater (dont eat veg, red meat,eggs,fish(apart from tuna), so... is there any hope for me?
i was told slimmimg world is great??? would it suit me being so fussy?
and how exactly does it work?
is it hard to stick to?
is it all points counting?

any help would be much apreciated

thank you x x x
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I think SW can suit ANYONE.
If you are fussy, then that's fine. There's very little you HAVE to eat, and there's very few things you CAN'T eat. Might be worth noting that most of what I eat (and LOVE) today, I either didn't like, or had never thought about before starting SW in February. The different ways of using ingredients really can change your palate.
It is a peice of p*ss to stick to (Sounds like GREEN days will be ideal for you), and there is very nearly no weighing or counting. I can go weeks and not use the scales. And as I get on so well with the FREE food (eaten in unlimited amounts), I don't need to count my syns much at all.

Have a read though the stickys at the top of the main page, and see what you think.

Best thing I ever did, I think, was start SW.


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Congratulations on your little boy!!

Firstly I must say of course you will still have a mummy tummy - he is only 11 weeks old - that's not unusual and nothing to be ashamed of!! However, having said that well done for even thinking about dieting and having the energy to comtemplate shifting the mummy tummy! It took me longer tahn 11 weeks!

As above posts say SW would suit a fussy eater and green days would be best - unlimted potato, pasta, rice, veg, fruit, baked beans. You will also have a weighed amount of 'healthy extras' - eg bread, milk, cheese (loads more to chosse from). There is nothing you have to eat and loads of stuff you can eat unlimited amounts of.

You can also do it if you are breastfeeding which is what I did.

Plus you don't have to go to a class as you can do it online so you don't have to miss bath, boob, bed time!

Good luck!

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I've still got a mummy tummy, and my lad is nearly 6! LOL


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Hi there, yes i think anyone can tailor sw to suit them. I have been doing it for about 4 weeks and it doesn't even feel like i am on a diet. I am always full up and get to eat unlimited amounts of my favorite foods. Good luck


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It takes a little while to get used to when you first start. If I were you, I'd go to a meeting just to get the information you need and maybe buy a few cookbooks to get you started. If you don't like veg that makes any diet a little more difficult in my opinion, as veg is very filling and low in calories/syns or whatever. I'm not a fan of boiled veg but I love it in stir fries and vegetable curries, it tastes completely different. I'm finding SW very easy to stick to, I've been doing it 6 months now, which is the longest I've ever stuck with a healthy eating plan.

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