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Very nearly made a c**k up!

My sister's girlf told me that Stagg Classic Chilli Con Carne is free on EE but me being me likes to double check before anything goes near my mouth lol. 13syns for the whole tin! And she's been scoffing it down like no tomorrow because someone in her group told her it was free. I wish people in group would check their facts, it's cost her a 1 1/2 lb gain this week :(
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I think its the silverado beef one that is free or low syn (off to check now!!)

Just checked and it is 4.5 syns :eek:
Ok I suppose if you want a quick meal with Rice.
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Now to maintain.....
yep this is exactly why i always,always double check before anything goes in my mouth!!!
i believe it used to be free(like getting on for 10 years ago!)....so the person who told her just hasnt got the up to date facts and obviously still believes that themselves!!

i know several people who still use their old books and my god some shocking things used to be free!!!
I just have to find something else for tea, I was really looking forward to it and don't have much else in until Monday when I go shopping :(
I can't believe corned beef used to be free!


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I've always taken the approach that whatever, and whoever has told me something - that it's my responsibility to ensure that that information is true before i take it as gospel. I've ended up correcting consultants before.

It's always useful too to every so often check that any old favourites haven't changed. I use to eat pre-prepared polenta on a regular basis as it was free on green/ee. It changed sometime in the new year to being synned on all plans (1.5syns per 100g when i last looked - may have changed since then). I caught it early, but got talking to a guy on my street who was also a member back in March - he was still eating it as free.

Some will say that what's changed to cause it to be synned all of a sudden? It could just be a revision of the plan, or it could be that the ingredients have indeed changed. If it's a revision - it's up to you wether to change - "it used to be free, and i'll continue to keep it as free" if you like. Personally i prefer to change with the times - if that's what the plan says, i'm going to keep to the plan. (shame really - polenta, mushy peas, fried or grilled (in frylight) flat mushroom, and fried (fry light of course) egg - was a quick syn free meal).
stagg used to be free around the time that corned beef,Meatballs etc were free so someone hasn't checked syns for a few years.The corned beef had to be leanso if it was in a tin you had to cut off jelly/fat around it or buy the loose/packet one which is leaner.

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