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In need of advice

What do you do if you think that a consultant has given out the wrong advice??? :confused:

So, here's my problem.....

Last week my usual, wonderful consultant was away, and we had a stand-in. During the class, one of the members who had made some 'SW crisps' showed them to the consultant. The consultant proceeded to hand round the crisps, and we were all encouraged to try some. The conversation went like this:

C: Help yourself. XXXX has made some crisps - syn free crisps.

Me: Erm :confused:......wouldn't they have to be synned? Because you aren't eating the potatoes how they should be?

C: You mean like pasta nachos?

Me: Yes.

C: Well how would you syn them?

Me: I don't know (I'm not the consultant!!:confused:)

C: Well then. Free crisps. You wouldn't have to syn them unless you were at/near target.

Me ......?????...........:eek:

Now I listen to the wonderful advice that I receive on here......so I'm giving them a wide berth. :rolleyes:

The problem is, if she is wrong, how many people from my class have believed her? My usual consultant is back tonight (I hope). Do I talk to her about it? :confused:

If I tell my consultant that I think that the other stand-in is wrong, because of what I have read on this site, then I risk looking like "the one who thinks she knows better than the consultants" :rolleyes:

If I ask as a 'random question', and my consultant uses it as a group discussion point, if someone else pipes up with "well the other consultant said it was ok" MY consultant might feel that I've set her up to disrespect her friend. :eek:

If I ask as 'last week we were told this, but I'm not sure' I could end up with the worst of the first two options!!!! :rolleyes:

I've been thinking about this all week, and I still don't know what to do for the best.

Or should I just keep my big mouth shut??? :eek:
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I would have to bring it up if it was me, but not to sound that you are being funny about the other Consultant. I might say 'I'm a bit worried about making the crisps incase I don't lose weight after having them. Do you think it's worth a try, has anyone had them this week and lost weight'? The conversation should flow from there.

As it happens I think the other Consultant has a point. Lots of people will be able to eat the crisps and still lose weight, and in my own mind it's a bit different to pasta crisps and couscous cake because we always cook potatoes, and lots of people, me included would have a JP, or some cold boiled potatoes as a snack.
When you are closer to target you have to be more careful with these things.
This is just my opinion and my experience of losing this weight. If the crisps keep someone on track, then I'm all for it.


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Hi -

Ok, the way I see it is like this:

You've been given advice and you're questioned it to yourself. But usually, if you question it someone else will probably have too. If this was me, I'd either have a quiet word with your consultant and ask her to explain why they are free but other foods aren't (when used diffferently). If she agrees with you, ask her to tell the group during discussion. If she agrees with the other C, you know without looking like you're questioning them etc.

But, no matter what you have the right intentions and your group will appreciate that. If I went ahead and mucnhed away at 'syn free' stuff to find out it wasn't, I'd be thankful to the person who righted that.

Or...alternatively...put them on your food diary and see what your C says when she hands it back. Mine always corrects people if they're wrong.

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how do you make these sin free crisps? free food is free food to me no matter how its cooked lol :) haha


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My C says if you're still losing weight eating them, then feel free to eat them. If your weight loss slows, maybe give anything borderline 'cheaty' a miss for a while or have them only occasionally and see how you get on.

If you wanted to syn them, I would tell you to put the dietary information on the back of the potatoes through the syn calculator and when it asks for the 'free food' content, put 'none'.

THAT is what she should have told you.


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Absolutely I agree! I think it's also worth pointing out that it's not necessarily the case that as you near your target you suddenly have to be extra careful or start cutting back. Not everyone finds those last few pounds a struggle and if they do there are other ways of tackling it. after all it would strange if to get to and stay at target you suddenly had to start having fewer treats.

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I have the crisps every now and again and they really havent effected my losses and I still have almost 4 stone to go!


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I made these recently and they're gorgeous!! I assumed they'd be syn free as it's just potato that you're microwaving - if anyone knows any different let me know before I eat my body weight in them! lol!

You literally peel the potato, slice them using a potato peeler or grater, spray a plate with fry lite, put the potatoes in a single layer on the plate and spray with fry lite, pop in the microwave for 4 - 6 mins until they go crispy then add salt, vinegar etc and munch away! Honestly didnt taste much different to normal crisps, even managed to get my very fussy 7 year old to eat them!


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I asked my C about these crisps a couple of months ago when we were told about the lasagne crisps and cous cous cake no longer being syn free. She said that normal potato crisps done in the microwave were ok, but if we had any problems with our weight losses maybe to try and cut them out for a while and see if it made any difference.
I'd personally ust ask your C?

At the end of the day you pay your fee every week to the same 'group' Slimming World. All you want to know is are they free or not? You are not trying to start world war 3 or prove who is wrong or right, you just want to know (and so do i now ---ha ha ha) xxx

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