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Very quick question...Covering tattoos?

I was watching QVC the other day and they had some stuff on there that they said could be used for covering tattoos for formal occasions, can't remember the damn name of it now but will be on their website.

Found it!

QVC/iQVC Shop/Product Search

The brand is Covermark

Do a search with the link above and you will see the body cover one.



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Dermablend will send you a sample of make up in different colours and some setting powder if you contact em well i got one a few years ago for a tattoo also. This is used to cover all sorts from tattoos to scars to stretch marks to birthmarks


I have got quite a few tattoos from my youth that I now regret. I have a dolphin on one upper arm, a purple sun type thing on the other, a butterfly above my bust, a ghecko just above my ankle & a devil with 2 out of 3 of my kids names on my shoulder blade. I hate them all. My auntie had her tiny one removed and it looked worse after coz of the scaring. I'm not planning on getting married but that stuff on QVC http://http://search.qvcuk.com/QVCU...rk&cm_re=PAGE-_-SEARCH-_-SEARCH&Submit=Search looks fab.

Dawn xx
Hi, i'm pippa and this is my first post (starting cambridge diet on sunday!!)

as for covering tattoos, there's this stuff called camouflage make up that people use for scars and port stains so i imagine it will do the trick?

personally, i'm aiming to have to full sleeves competed by my wedding, only started work on my right arm a few months ago :)
I've heard very good things about the qvc one too - but I'm having mine on display too. Everyone who's coming to my wedding knows I've got em & there's no vicar to shock lol! I was going to get another one actually but have decided that it can wait til after the wedding!



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I am also going to show mine off - well my two on my shoulders anyway as I am having a strapless dress with no veil.


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im a tattoo artist, we usually recommend you go to a make up counter and get them to cover it for you, if you have a mac around you will find they have very heavy makeup for tattoo coverage and will apply it for you if you need them to.


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I personally don't understand it. I didn't have any of my tattoos done on a whim so I don't regret them and I'm not embarred/ashamed of them. They all mean something to me. 2 of mine were on full view at my wedding with 3 others visible at othe times. They are a part of me and my wedding was MY day so I didn't see why they should be covered. Just my opinion

Leah K

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I have 5 tattoos, one is on my upper left arm which is quite big and colourful. Now I know people (ie members of my family) do not like them, but I am not covering it up with make-up. I am simply having lacey sleeves so it will probably still be visible, but not too in their face.



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I'm soooo glad I found this thread! The only tattoo I have that I no longer like is the barbwire band around my upper arm - it looks terrible now. I have to keep it covered at work so I can only wear long sleeves and I've got two weddings this year and really don't want it on show, I don't think they look right when you have a nice girlie dress on! That's just my opinion on mine - please anyone don't take offence.
I have a bolero to go with my wedding dress so I needn't worry too much, just as long as it's not a scorcher that day.

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