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Vibration Plate......


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Before you all get excited there is nothing smutty going on here at all lol:D

I hired myself one of these 2 weeks ago as I've read that they give fantastic results. With me the jury is still out on this one. The first week I had it, I did an hour a day religiously and lost 5.5 pounds - that may just be a coincidence as I did have an extra good week too. This week will be hard to tell as I missed all weekend as I was away and I did myself an injury on Saturday falling off a chair (twice) don't ask lol so I've only used it for 20 minutes last night.

Incase any one has n't heard of these, its a machine that vibrates and jiggles your wobbly bits. On the low settings it burns fat and the higher settings it tones you up - you can do all kind of positions and excersises on it and when I say vibrate I mean it VIBRATES... it actually stings on the highest settings, its a really strange feeling.

Has any one else used one and had good results?
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I used one at the gym a few times and it does make you feel funny, lol.. vibrates from your head to your toes. Not sure about the results as I used other equipment too. But when I go back I might give it a go on the same setting and same "stance" for 4 days and see if it makes any difference.

Well done on the 5,5lb's loss, was that your first week on the plan? EE, Green or Red? Sorry, questions, lol x
I see people on these at the gym all the time, some of the positions make me giggle to myself. I haven't actually stood on one but the gym instructor told me to rest my elbows on it and balnace on my elbows and toes, kind of like a sit up I suppose. I did it but it felt awful! I had a headache for the rest of the day so I haven't tried it again. I think when I do I'll not put my head directly over the plate. :8855:

Judging by the number of people who use them, including the gym instructors when they aren't busy I think it must have good results.


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where did you hire it from as i would love to try one of these


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where did you hire it from as i would love to try one of these
I got mine from here hun - £70 for the first month then 50 for every month after that
I've got one - got it from ebay.
It has been used twice......
I've heard that it can help to tone up loose skin, but to be honest, the sensations are just too weird...... :-D


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Jut a quick add -- I have been using it, although not consistently, and I tell you what -- I do feel it the next day....the sensation is weird but afterwards my blubber is all stingy and red and I love to thin of it as melting away! LOL


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It is a weird sensation but you do get used to it and I do deffinately think it makes a difference. I seem to be changing shape a bit - will of course take a while to see any significant difference but I think that, inline with the SW plan will really help.
They're selling them in argos for £99! i'm seriously thinking about buying one. i swim once a week, walk the dog and use the wii but needing that extra effortless little boost to help me lose some weight and heard they are really good!! xx


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I am a bit confused as to how they work...I was told in the gym that you have to do exercise for 10mins and then spend no longer than 10mins on the power plate? Where have I got confused?
My trainer has a Vibrogym. This is a very expensive machine - the domestic version costs between £2,000 - £3,000, and a professional one much more.

He puts me on it for very short bursts - it intensifies the effect of whatever exercise you are doing on it. I do pressups on it sometimes, or squats or standing on one leg (yes, I do look ridiculous!) - it varies.

I don't like it much - it feels as if all my bones are being shaken loose, and my legs feel like jelly afterwards, but he says it is doing me good!


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I really should go on mine - it tickles my nose and makes me sneeze though :p


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I went on one of these for the first time today. It's £25 for unlimited use for a month, which is pretty good as it seems very powerful and hi-tech and a good way of trying it out without too much of an investment. I think a month is a good length of time to judge it over too. I'm looking to tone up really. I'm also running three times a week and doing the 30-day shred dvd, so hopefully within a month I will start to see a difference. Anyone else use one? Sorry if I have resurrected a thread that's too old....did a search but most of the threads weren't SW ones so I wanted to see what my SW buddies thought.
These machines are designed more to help you tone more so than lose weight. We have one at home.

My missus used this machine in a womens class called 'wobble's' . The said that you could drop a dress size in 6 weeks.


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Wow! (dress size in 6 wks!) Better keep wobbling then. You couldn't call it a "work-out".....it's more for toning, I think, as you say. I have the time at the moment and the place I'm using is a ten minute walk away ;) Nothing to lose really

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